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We could go on and on. The stories, poetry, and images presented for the 2017 WEP Halloween – Dark Places Challenge are beyond description.

From the talented L. G. Keltner, who describes in explicit detail the fear we all have regarding strangers, but especially when it comes to our children in her tale  A Dark Man in a Dark Room. Then one of our veterans, Pat Garcia, brought the emotion with her story of a survivor haunted by horrific nightmares in A Dark Night of the Soul. Newcomer Carrie Anne Golden – hit a cord in all of us (bitches) with her ode to the darkness within in Black Heart.
Positive thinker Hilary Melton-Butcher brought us to Dark Places through images and poetry that highlight the violent sacrifice of martyrdom.  And horror queen Laura Clipson’s tale of Darkness details the caution we all need to take when love is too good to be true.

But folks there are more, many, many more so please go HERE to find the dark delights our writers are sharing with you this Halloween! 

But we are all here to find out who took us to the darkest of places, and to that end I'm proud to announce the winners!

The Winner of the

2017 WEP Halloween Challenge
Dark Places
Elephant’s Child

Congratulations, Sue!

The build-up was perfection, the fiend unexpected, and the horror subtle.
 With everything in its place and a place for everything, disobedience will not be tolerated!

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The Runner-Up of the
2017 WEP Halloween Challenge
Dark Places
DB McNicol

Congratulations Donna!
 I read The Taxi Ride as a cautionary tale. We’re so used to judging humanity on its differences – beware the freak within!
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The Encouragement Award for the
2017 WEP Halloween Challenge
Dark Places
goes to
Julie Flanders

Congratulations, Julie.
In The Apartment, a young boy has the power to decode the past, but a locked closet won’t let the details out. Chilling!
Please accept the badge and display it on your blog with a link to
The Apartment.


Thanks, everyone, for joining us for Halloween. We love each and every entry.
But soon it will be time to prepare for the next challenge !


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From Denise, Yolanda, Olga and Nilanjana!

See you soon!!


  1. Congratulations to the winners! Way to go, Elephant's Child.

  2. Awesome and congrats to all the winners! :-)

  3. I really don't know how you can decide on winners. As always I was blown away by the imagination and the talent of the entries. Thank you, thank you and thank you. And yes, I do feel totally undeserving, but very grateful.

  4. Congratulations Sue,Donna,and Julie! Enjoyed reading your submissions. Happy Halloween! :)

  5. Congrats to all the winners, and to everyone else. Your stories rock!

  6. Congrats to all the winners! Every piece was a gem!

  7. Congrats to all the winners! Loved the stories and the choice was painful! Many of you really got in touch with your dark side which at times made for scary reading! Go you good things...see you in December!

  8. Congrats to the winners, Elephant's Child, DB McNicol and Julie! Love the variety of imaginations.

  9. Hi Yolanda and Denise - exactly congratulations to the winners - particularly EC ... I need to get round and read the others - so this announcement will encourage me to get to it ...

    Excellent for Sue, Donna and Julie ... and all who entered ... cheers Hilary

  10. Hello Everyone,
    First, congratulations to Elephant's Child, DB MiNicol and Julie Flanders. All three of you did an excellent job.
    There were some tough entries submitted. I was privileged to get around to read all of them and they all sparked thoughts within me that made me think and made me proud of being a part of this challenge.
    It's good to have a serious,challenging, writing Publication online. I am quite sure there are other online challenges, but the WEP is something very special to me because it was my first participation in an online writing challenge.

    Thus, many thanks to Denise, Yolanda, Olga, and Nilanjana. You ladies do a lot to bring this together and I appreciate it. Keep up the good work.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G

    1. Hello, Pat. This is one of the loveliest compliments you could pay us. It is a constant process running WEP, coming up with ideas, setting up challenges, reading often several times, and judging winners based on several criteria. But it is so worth it to meet writers, to challenge writers and at times, encourage and reward writers.

      I'm glad you're proud of being part of WEP and we value your loyalty and the excellence in your writing. You always challenge me and bring out the emotion in me with your heartfelt entries.


  11. Thank you so much for my award! Totally made my day/week/month. :) And huge congratulations to Elephant's Child and DB for their well-deserved wins.
    I echo Pat's comments above, I'm so grateful for this challenge!

  12. Well done to the winners and to everybody who participated, such imaginations we lot have!

  13. HUGE congratulations to the other winners - it was a tough competition and I am honored to have been selected for Runner Up. Great event!!

  14. Congratulations to the winners. I hope I get to participate next time, even if I don't, I look forward to reading the stories. I miss that this time around. I'll check out the winning story, though.

  15. Congratulations to all the winners. Now I'll tell you a secret. My story is simi-autobiographical. I have never done that before, but horror is not my thing and I needed something. When my daughter went off on me I had a hard time pulling my way out. Obviously, I was more successful than my character. I suffer from depression and so I've developed a host of key images and words to feed myself in order to remain positive.

    1. I am so very sorry to hear this. And glad that you could find your way out.

  16. Woah! I didn’t know that such things also happened around. I had been such a good writer in school. I was always a part of such writing competitions that took place in New York Event Venues and I also got prizes for that. Congratulations to all the winners from my side.

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