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Sunday, 1 October 2017


Welcome to the WEP - Write...Edit...Publish DARK PLACES Challenge.

As the season changes it seems creativity calls to us.

In October, the WEP dedicates the month to the fantasy, fun, and horror of Halloween.

Spooky stories, haunted lives and possessed houses, enliven the imagination and titillate the psyche.

We hope you’ll join us for the fun.
Copyright Alan Ayers

Dark Places
Physical or psychological.
It’s Halloween.
This has any number of possibilities!
Let your imagination run riot!

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Brought to you by the team:

Denise – Renée – Nilanjana – Olga


  1. I am pretty certain I will be joining the fun again. I know I will be reading and revelling. I can't at the moment (operator error) add myself to the list.

    1. Closer reading tells me I am too early. I will be back later.

  2. Hi all. Are you going to add a Linky button or do we have to create it? Thanks

  3. Sorry ladies, the link didn't work because the timing for the blog and the link didn't coincide. My error! Please try again! Thanks!

  4. Hi from Milan Yolanda. Looks like it's working fine now. Should be a blast. :-)

  5. This sounds like another fun prompt! I'm looking forward to it!

  6. All done a month a go, so ready to show.

  7. I'm in. . .I didn't see a reminder like we usually get, or did I miss it? No problem anyway. I've made a start on the story and I like the theme 'Dark Places'.

    1. DG I've been traveling the world and still am. Everyone has been so busy so sorry no email went out.

  8. Love the theme and am looking forward to another round of great reading. :)

    1. Julie it's the reading I really enjoy. Thanks for being on board.

  9. Hi Denise - sounds like your travels are wonderful ... lucky girl!! I'm in and will see you all Saturday ... cheers Hilary

    1. Yes Hilary I just got home and intend to sleep for a few days. Glad you're in!


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