Saturday 31 December 2016

#WEP winners - UTOPIAN DREAMS and 2017 Challenges!

Hello Everyone! Sorry for being late with the WEP round up, but let me use Christmas celebrations as an excuse. My goal was to get this post up before the New Year. As I type this, it's New Year's Eve. Only 7 hours to go...

So, here I am with the wrap up for 2016 and after consultation with Yolanda, the winners' announcement.

Thanks to all who participated during the 2016 December UTOPIAN DREAMS WEP challenge. 

And once again, we thank Olga Godim for her excellent badge for the challenge and the creativity she has shown in making the winners' badges!

The entries were wonderful and varied. This time, poetry gave flash fiction a run for its money. It was inspiring to see so many of you putting your words into verse form which contained a very powerful message. Obviously we loved writing about the idea of Utopian Dreams. There were many subliminal and explicit messages on the current state of our troubled world. I enjoyed reading more than once and I enjoyed reading the comments, too. Desk49 managed to comment in poetic form on most entries. That takes talent.

If you haven't read all the entries, and would like to, please use the DL links on the previous post.

We value each and every entry submitted to WEP, but there is the excruciating choice of choosing just one winner amongst the many of winning quality. It's always hard as you're all winners to Yolanda and myself. Nevertheless, decisions have to be made, and after much emailing between the judges, we have chosen:


Pat Garcia

for her flash fiction, The Woman and her Dream, one woman's terrible awakening.If you haven't read it already, pop by the link in Pat's name above.

Congratulations Pat!

Pat, please accept the winner's badge and display on your blog with a link to your excellent story. gift card design

An Amazon Gift Card of $10 will be winging your way shortly.

2016 WEP – December UTOPIAN DREAMS

with her extract from her memoir, which she entitled Silent Night. Her story of her childhood Christmas was interspersed with verses from the much-loved Christmas carol.

Congratulations Far Away Eyes!

Please accept the Runner Up badge and display on your blog with a link to your excellent story. 

with her wonderful poem The Don, where the rhythm of gunshots added drama to the piece where The Don is no one man or woman, But the Utopian ideal.  

Congratulations, Sheena-kay. Please accept the badge and display it on your blog with a link to your story!


Those who made the short list were:
Christopher Scott
Guilie Castillo
Roland Yeomans
LuAnn Bradley
Nancy Williams

so, you see our dilemma... 

Thanks everyone, for an exciting December at WEP!
If you didn't get a direct mention, just remember, you're all winners in our eyes!

Thank you for taking on the challenge and delighting us with your creativity! 
And special thanks to Nilanjana Bose and Olga Godim for their stellar assistance with this challenge!

Thank you to all who have participated in WEP challenges during the year. It'd be nothing without each of you.

Here is the list for 2017 Challenges. Of course, there may be slight changes...

February - Back of the Drawer
June - Bridges
August - Reunions
October - Dark Places
December - The End is the Beginning

 Meanwhile, keep writing, drawing, painting and taking those photographs!

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Happy New Year!!

From Denise, Yolanda, Olga and Nilanjana! 

See you in 2017!!