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Wednesday, 16 October 2019

#WEP/IWSG...The October Challenge Is Now Open! #HORRIBLE HARVEST

Hello writers! The October Challenge is now open. A few reminders about the new format of postings...

L.G. Keltner will count the comments for the Best Commenter badge. Comment counting will cease at midnight on Friday, November 1st NY time, which gives you over a week to read/comment. When you've finished reading, it would be helpful if you left a comment on the sign up post to tell us you're done. PLEASE everyone, make sure comments are allowed on your blog. And most importantly, make sure you read the updated CRITIQUE PAGE  before commenting.

If you'd like to help in this or a later challenge, or for any other query you might have this month, please email : nilabose306b@gmail.com or leave a comment below.

Denise is travelling to research her settings – so excited for her! We wish her safe travels and an enjoyable trip. And of course, much productive writing!

Signing up:

Add your name to the list with your Direct Link! Direct link only! So there's no confusion, add your WRITER NAME (not the name of the prompt, please), your email, and your URL that leads directly to your entry.


Nick Wilford continues as judge for the WEP contest.

And we continue with our CRITIQUE prize for October. We've approached several editors/published authors/critiquers to line them up to reward you for your efforts! The writer of the winning entry will be the lucky recipient of a critique. Check out the list in our sidebar to which more editors will be added as and when confirmed.

Our critiquer for August is Kyra Lennon. She's offering a First Chapter critique to the lucky winner. Refer to previous post for more details regarding Kyra.

However, that’s not all. There are Amazon Gift Cards totalling USD 60 for all the lucky winners of this Challenge. Gift Cards worth USD 30,  USD 20, and USD 10 are waiting to be won. So…come join in!

Now let's get started:

Don't forget to share the Challenge

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The October Challenge sign up is here. Add your link. @TheIWSG @DeniseCCovey
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For Denise, Laura and Olga

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

October 1st - Get Thinking, Get Horrible

Hello writers!

Hey, it's October 1st!  and it's Nilanjana here, your host for this challenge. It's time to get that thinking cap off it's hook and onto your head. It's harvest time here and the more horrible the better...

Most of our members go with the Horror genre for the Halloween month...BUT...as always, there are NO genre restrictions here at WEP (except erotica). So...if creepy is not your thing...if a fearfest leaves you cold (pun intended!)...if chilling is not your filling...feel free to tweak the prompt whichever way you want. Because we're cool like that!

So without further ado...here's the challenge for October -


If this is your first time posting, or if the format has slipped your mind, here's a recap of the procedures  -

No separate sign up now. 

This post is just a gentle nudge for you to get thinking... considering... ruminating...about the way you want to spin the prompt. You may want to visit the main Challenge page for ideas. Or not. Perfectly fine either way.

Post your entry on your blog as normal. Indicate the level of feedback you desire by adding the critique codes. Don't forget to include the Challenge badge and Write... Edit... Publish... in your title. 

The main Challenge post goes live on 16th October 00.00 hours NY time on this site.  Add the URL of your Horrible Harvest post to the linky directly on the main post. 

The linky closes after 18th October 23:59 NY time. 

Read and comment on the participating blogs, taking into account the level of feedback the writer has requested. 

Simple, isn't it?


Comment counting will cease at midnight on Friday, November 1st NY time, which gives you over a week to read/comment. When you've finished reading, it would be helpful if you left a comment on the main post to tell us you're done. PLEASE everyone, make sure comments are allowed on your blog. And most importantly, make sure you read the updated CRITIQUE PAGE above before commenting.

If you'd like to help in this or a later challenge, please email me at: nilabose306b@gmail.com or leave a comment below.



And now for the exciting part! - the PRIZES. Yes, there are more than one this month. 

First, we have the CRITIQUE prize for the WINNER. This month  KYRA LENNON offers the winner a first chapter critique. 

Kyra Lennon grew up by the seaside which provides massive inspiration for her. Her first book was released in 2013, and she has gone on to release two successful series' and a handful of novellas, all falling into the category of Contemporary Romance. 


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Bookbub

Available October 8, 2019!



But the above Critique Prize isn't all. There's more...

Back in June/July, when we brainstormed about the changes at WEP, - most of the members indicated that they liked the competitive aspect. That it was, in fact, not just a writing prompt but a Challenge that motivated them.  Winning it was its own reward (and of course, the sumptuous badges helped - for which we have to thank Olga, our ace badgemaker.) No-one was doing it for any other incentive. The idea members mooted was to offer critiques from publishers/editors/published writers, which we took on board. The other monetary prize didn't seem to matter so much to our community.

However, that prize had a history, it was instituted in the days when WEP was not even WEP! It was first given at RFW at the suggestion of Donna Hole, the then co-host. So you see, serious sentimental value! We, the old timers, would be sorry to see the GC go altogether, so we thought about how it could be repurposed to suit this current, updated format of WEP better.  And the answer came to us in one small word - combine. Combine the budgets for the year for this special Halloween month Challenge just ahead of the festive season.

So here it is folks - the Amazon Gift Card - the updated, upsized version. Not one. Not two, nope. But THREE separate Gift Cards for the three writers who wow us with their writing -


USD 30 for the WINNER

USD 20 for the RUNNER-UP


So...let's get thinking...let's get writing!


Visit the CHALLENGES 2019 PAGE  for details of the DECEMBER CHALLENGE, the last one for this year, can you believe it?! I can't.

And so...the WEP team have been hard at work. 
TADAAA...Here's a sneak peek of what's happening in YEAR 2020 at WEP:

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For Denise, Laura and Olga