Thursday 30 November 2023

#WEP December Challenge "Over to You" The Movie That Inspires and must-read news!

Welcome to the December Challenge

for WEP - Write...Edit...Publish...,

Over to You!


Can you believe this year's ending and the holidays will soon be upon us?! The year's simply zipped past!

Hello writers, this is Nila with you with our December Challenge. A few things are different for this month's WEP Challenge – okay, correction, a lot is different. We are leaving the fun and creativity in, taking the pressure out. It’s an open prompt this month – it’s Over to You!


Think of your favourite movie - whichever film inspires you - and shape your entry around it. And there’s no time squeeze either, post anytime between 1st and 15th , we’re leaving the linky open for an extended period because...well, it’s the festive season and year end and family visits and travelling out and a hundred other things besides, so how can a three day period be enough to fit the writing in, right?


This Challenge is purely for the love of writing - a celebration of the creativity that bubbles and fizzes here for each Challenge and blows us away every time. Even when the numbers are down or there are other, unforeseen spanners hampering the works. We will be reading and commenting  as and when we can, many of us are travelling or otherwise away from our devices, so bear with us. There will be no prizes this Challenge, this is purely a blogfest to showcase our passion for our craft and to get together to enjoy each other's blogs.


Now for the less pleasant difference. Many of you will have noticed already that there is no mention of next year’s challenges – that’s because there aren’t going to be any. So this Challenge will also be our swan song – I’ll hand you over to Denise in a minute, who is the founder member and has been the creative vision, the driving force behind WEP from start to finish. She will explain how we’ve reached here and what happens going forward, but before that I’d just like to say – this is the very last time we’re getting together, so let’s make this party rock! 


This is our final WEP challenge, as after 13 years, WEP is closing down.


This is partly due to the stressors on the team which have been relentless since Covid and are ongoing, and partly because of the drop in the number of participants this year.  We know many WEP members are experiencing their own stressors in the form of health challenges in themselves or family members which impacts writing time.

 After much consideration, the WEP team concluded that this is the time to finish. Not exactly on a high, but not exactly at the bottom of our game.

 For thirteen years we have been a light for many struggling with their writing life, and many of you credit WEP with the improvement in your writing and confidence when submitting your work to publishers. This is what WEP set out to do and we can be happy in that we achieved the supportive writing community we set out to create. I know we could have done better in some areas, but due to time constraints we could not follow every avenue we would have liked.

 Thank you to all who have visited our website over the years and offered us words of encouragement and thank you to those who took up the challenges which made the hard work rewarding. Our wonderful judge, editor/formatter Nick Wilford, attests to the quality of WEP writing when he judges each challenge, so it’s not just us. Nick never asked for a financial reward, so if you appreciate what he has done, please feel free to say thank you by buying his latest book, The Becalmer. 

 A special thank you to those of you who have been with us for the whole journey and we’re sorry that closing down WEP will have a great impact, but all is not lost. #Read below.

 Your writing success has made us proud.



 #The WEP site will remain open, and the team and anyone else who wishes may return to the site on the 1st of each month (beginning February 2024) to chat about the ups and downs of our writing and family lives.


- Have you had a book/short story/flash fiction published?

- What challenges are you facing in your writing?

- Share an extract from your WIP and we will happily give feedback.

 We'd love to hear from you!

Remember the WEP How-to posts which we collated on the site to help you in your publishing and marketing. 



 The anthology is going ahead at this stage, but as yet we do not have enough entries to take it forward. The end of December is the close of submissions, but if you intend to submit, please send Nila your information. We need at least 20 more submissions to make the anthology viable. It will be a precious keepsake, so if you want to see your story included for perpetuity, gain a publishing credit, send it in! (Check out the information on the WEP Pages above.


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Thank you once again for being here, thank you for making WEP part of your writing journey and making it the lively, supportive, creative community it has been all these years. 

We'd love to hear your WEP stories if you have one. How has WEP helped you over the years? 


With heaps of best wishes for the holidays and New Year 2024 to all of you -


Denise and Nila for the team: