WEP challenges are FREE and open to all.

On the 1st of the challenge month, there will be a get-your-thinking-caps on post. The badge will include the dates of the challenge and the winner’s prizes.

The InLinkz sign up will open on the third Wednesday and close 3 days later. It will contain no news, just the sign up. Participants link up with their DLs (Direct Links to their entry). The sign up looks like this:

1. Denise Covey - DL  10. Susan Rouchard DL  19. Tyrean Martinson  
2. Nilanjana Bose - DL  11. Jemi Fraser  20. Jemima Pett  
3. L.G. Keltner - DL  12. the real cie  21. Sonia Dogra  
4. Roland Yeomans - DL  13. C. Lee McKenzie  22. Toi Thomas  
5. Olga Godim - DL  14. Christopher Scott  23. Kalpana  
6. Yolanda Renee - DL  15. Roland Clarke  24. Leigh Caron  
7. Rebecca Douglass - DL  16. Dixie Jarchow  25. Tanya Miranda  
8. Pat Garciia DL  17. Hilary Melton-Butcher - DL  
9. Cyndi Pride  18. Sally  

We have a badge for you to add to your post so you can receive the level of feedback you would like and offer same to other participants.


Team members collate a SHORTLIST from the entries and Nick Wilford judges WINNER, RUNNER UP and ENCOURAGEMENT AWARD.

The BEST COMMENTER AWARD will continue, shared by different people, so keep on reading wonderful people! It looks like this!

We hope you'll join us!
Email for further information, or leave a message on our C-Box, or leave a comment on the website which is monitored frequently.


  1. Hi! I came across this challenge today and read a couple of the pieces. Such great prompts, well thought, and well presented! Would read more and try to write for one of the future challenges! Excited!

  2. Hi! I read about WEP on my friend's blog and came over to visit. I love this place and would like to participate as well. Thanks for this wonderful place and the prompts. :)

  3. I would like to share my artworks, too. Are there any prompts for art, or do I share any of my work?

  4. Hi everyone ... I'll be there ... enjoy April - cheers Hilary


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