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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

#WEPFF - In Too Deep February Challenge Winners

How many times can you use the words outstanding, amazing, or inspiring to describe the entries for another WEP challenge? Apparently, dozens, and each time they fit. This month was no exception.
In Too Deep could have meant anything. A wrong decision with no way out. Or a literal fight with deep water. Or whatever so many clever minds made it.

Pat Garcia – always engaging, reminded us of the true meaning of the vow 'till death do us part.' Carrie Golden – reminded us that life is just too short! Christopher Scott introduced us to nanopunk and told a gripping tale of self-sacrifice. Toi Thomas – reminded us to be careful what we wish for especially at the moment of death. Keith’s Ramblings – beautifully presented, every journey, even for a princess takes trust and sacrifice.

L G Keltner – wrote a cautionary, yet superbly subtle tale - don’t mess with the God of Love! Hilary – wrote eloquently of conquering your greatest fear. Pat Hatt – delivered a gut retching close-up of pure evil. Kalpanaa – reminded us that the journey to happiness is seldom an easy one. DG Hudson – clarified the price of revenge which raised so many questions in readers. RasmaRaisters – showed us that what the heart wants, the heart wants.

Sally – in a combination of prose and poetry, reminded us that even when you’re not looking for love, it can land right in your lap. Adura – a poem that showed with true love there are no barriers. Nidhi – wrote a poem, redolent with emotion, about an unbelievable crime and hope. Deborah Drucker – pointed out that no one is too busy for love. Desk 49 – wrote poetically of love, forget expectations – just fall… J Lenni Dorner – shared a delightful tale about the meaning of Karma.

Roland Yeomans – reminds us that beauty is only skin deep unless you find the mists. Dolorah – Lunatic Walks Into A Bar – investigating murder is a daunting task. Bernadette Braganza – saw humor in a few words of playscript that lifted the heart. Elizabeth Otten – reminded us the journey to love is varied and usually offers many challenges.

And now to the announcements:





Congratulations Laura!

Cupid’s assistant describes him as a vindictive twerp, the proof - unrequited love in "Contemptible Cupid".

Please, accept the winner’s badge and display on your blog with a link to your story "Contemptible Cupid".

An Amazon Gift Card of $10 will be winging your way shortly.





Her poem "Precious Jewel" describes an innocent child, horrific real-life tragedy, and leaves us all searching for answers.

Congratulations nidhi!

Please accept the Runner Up Badge

And display on your blog with a link to
"Precious Jewel"




Anybody, Save Me” is a clear warning that one should be careful what they wish for, especially at the moment of death. We loved your exploration into the new waters of genderless writing.

Congratulations Toi!

Please accept the Encouragement Award.

And display on your blog with a link to
"Anybody, Save Me"



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