Write…Edit…Publish (WEP) is a positive online writing community where creative people submit to a writing prompt every second month. All posts must reflect the support and encouragement WEP offers to all writers of all levels. The opportunity to become known through a guest post is a privilege, one of the prizes WEP offers challenge winners. 

For Guest Posts, please include:

- a short bio, of between 30 - 50 words. Include author image
- maximum 6 links to your social media
- image of your latest book if you have one (no erotica, please)

Complete submission will be no longer than 500 words.


We prefer posts on

- writing craft (can include how-to book recommendations),
- your writing journey,
- a personal story where you meet challenges. Can be ongoing.
- You are welcome to email Denise (email at bottom) and discuss further choices.


- Book blurbs
- More than 2 images in jpg

If you know how to send your copy using HTML, please do so. Otherwise, a Word file is fine.

Please send your copy so it is ready to go live a maximum of two weeks after winning the challenge. The WEP team members will edit to length if necessary.

Send your copy to the WEP team member in charge for the month you won. Otherwise, send to: Denise Covey - She will on-send to the WEP team member in charge for the month.

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