Friday 1 April 2022

#WEP Continues the Musical Inspiration with #AHardRain'sGonnaFall for #April 2022 - Sign Up Here on April 20 - 22!


Welcome to the April Challenge! Laura here. We saw some wonderful posts for the first challenge in our Year of Music, and I can't wait to see what all of you come up with next.

We understand that many of you might be participating in the April A-Z Challenge this month. Feel free to combine the two challenges by basing your entry on both the music prompt and the letter of the day you post. We've seen many successful entries over the years that do just that.

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We welcome all writers whatever your level -

  • Still learning your craft? This is where you can get feedback and encouragement.
  • Want to try out a WIP on us? Publish an extract.
  • Want to continue a series? This is for you.
  • Just adore writing to prompts in a supportive writing community? Go ahead
  • Want to win a prize? 3 on offer. Go for it!


Please Note:


This is a most vital part of participation, but it has also proven to be why folks walk away from participation.

Please be courteous with your words!

For the WEP, a critique is:

Constructive feedback or positive reinforcement of the writer while helping reign in problems or giving helpful suggestions.

The point is to be helpful, not hurtful.

The WEP is a place where writers can confidently share their work without fear of harsh words or biting feedback. No matter what the choice is by the author of the type of critique.

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Please remember to include a blurb/tagline with your story! 

Short and sweet. A tagline doesn't have to tell the story. It captures the theme. Go on, give it a try!!!! 

April Prize:

The April Prize comes from Nas Dean, who has generously offered a place in her online writing course- value $80- which can be taken up any time.

Writing & Editing 101
Learn at your own pace and in your own time.


1. Story Structure
2. Plotting
3. The Elements of a Story
4.  Word Usage
5. Capitalization Rules
6. Point of View
7. Deep POV
8. Showing vs Telling
9. After Your Book is Complete
10. The Big Picture

Bonus content: 

Writing a Series
Self Publishing 101

This course runs in a social interactive group and you will get to chat with other writers in a friendly environment and ask your questions. 

Course cost: $80.00 

Course Presenter: Nas Dean

To enroll email: 

Nas is a voracious reader. She reads most genres and grew up on mystery, thrillers and romance. Apart from reading, she likes travelling, gardening, music, and meeting people. She has travelled through the United States, Europe and parts of Asia. As well as Australia and New Zealand. 

She has been in the publishing industry since 2010—editing and working with authors. As an editor, she makes constructive suggestions without interfering with the overall conception of your writing voice. Because as a reader, she knows what hooks a reader in from the first chapter, so she can help find inconsistencies and fix the errors, making the story flow better. 


You've got to be in it to win it!



This month's prompt is based on Please Read the Letter by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss - a break up song and a moving plea for understanding at the termination of a relationship. Neither of these musicians need an introduction  of course, both have umpteen awards to their names individually. The album Raising Sand where the track is included is a platinum with more than a million sold.

There could be many possible ways to treat this prompt. Who's going to write that letter? And who's it addressed to? Will you let it remain a letter or update it to a text? Or even a voicemail message? And most importantly, what's it going to be about - what's it going to say?

Happy writing!

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We are looking forward to seeing where this month's prompt takes you!