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Denise Covey is an Australian writer of novels, both contemporary - set in Paris, and paranormal - set in Italy and France. She loves to write flash fiction and short stories with romantic elements. She reads a lot, travels a lot and writes travel articles in her 'spare' time. Her role as an educator of senior school allows her to indulge her love of the classics and keep her editing skills honed.

Yolanda Renée, the author of the Detective Quaid Mysteries, writes in multiple genres and loves flash fiction.  Learn more at www.yolandarenee.com or at Defending the Pen.

Nilanjana is a bi-lingual writer, blogger and market researcher. She specialises particularly in poetry, panic and tinkering with bucket lists. Find her online at Madly-in-Verse.

Olga Godim is a Canadian speculative fiction writer. When she doesn't write fiction, she works as a journalist, designs book covers, and collects toy monkeys. There are over 300 monkeys in her collection.

L.G. Keltner primarily writes science fiction stories for kids and young adults, though she'll tackle any genre if the right idea comes along. When she's not writing, she's reading, gazing at the stars, or trying to keep her kids out of trouble.

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