Tuesday 27 October 2015


Hello everyone!

There were simply too many amazing stories to make the job of choosing a winner easy, so we gave up. Just kidding.

Annalisa took her time, reading and re-reading the 3 entries sent to her and this is the result:

Annalisa told us, "wow, that was so hard. I'm glad I only had to look at the final three - I'd never be able to make a decision otherwise." :-)


Annalisa said, "Because I was right there in that room, hiding under the covers and telling myself monsters aren't real!"

I think we all were! J. Lenni took us back to our childhood. A true Halloween treat!

Congratulations J. Lenni!

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Annalisa said, "I love the ingenuity of mixing music with the prose."
Samantha, your modern treatment for Hansel & Gretel was a feast for the eyes, ears, and imagination!

Congratulations Samantha!

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Annalisa said, "A chilling, horrific story, vividly written. So many questions..."

So true, the altruistic gift of mothers' milk from such horrific actions, unbelievable and so perfect for Halloween.

Congratulations Nila!

Please copy the badge onto your blog, brag about it, link it to your fabulous chilling flash fiction! It's  hardly fair that we were chilled to the bone, yet some remain oblivious to this horrific story lurking on the web.


Denise and I sent Annalisa a list of 3 finalists, but before that, we went back and forth, and back and forth because the list was near impossible to cut down to 3. We love hosting the WEP and coming up with the challenges, but we HATE choosing the list of winners. It's just too damn hard!

The stories were so wonderful--how do you choose between Jeff's man-eating skunk monster, and Arpan's haunting stranger on the path home, or Bish's funny naked mermaid and Michelle's descent into madness? I tell you it's near impossible, so a huge thank you goes to Annalisa Crawford for making the process a little easier. Our previous post gives a sketch of each entry.

And our Random.org winner is:

Congratulations Jeff!  
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Thanks everyone, for an exciting October!
As we said before we're going to be busy in November with
The NaNoWriMo challenge.
But we'll be back in December with a new challenge:

Just add a touch of sci-fi to your entry
Tell us about the holiday celebration
of your dreams or nightmares.
December is the month of celebrations
So pick your favorite.
Extend our knowledge.
Show us something new!
Take us on a journey like no other!

Just follow this link and discover the many

And for those of you in the northern hemisphere, remember in the southern hemisphere we are sweating it out during the holiday season. Do they have beaches on Mars? Hmm...

Please take a little time to comment and wish the winners well! Maybe next time it will be you! It's been a wonderful challenge, enjoyed by so many!

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Sunday 25 October 2015


This was a truly awesome blog hop. A successful challenge with amazing examples of childhood scares, thoughtful conversations regarding fear and the true monsters that haunt us, with plenty of excellent horror stories perfect for Halloween. The visiting of other's blogs was much better this time, but in case you missed any, let's do a quick recap.

Starting with my partner, Denise Covey's thrilling Beauty and the Beast tale, to L. G. Keltner's scary stranger on the porch, tap, tap, tapping, or LauraClipson's ghost story that teaches us not to ever say aloud that we don't believe in ghosts, lest we become haunted!

Then there's Sally Stackhouse's heartfelt tale of Sean and his grandma discussing the possibility of ghosts, goblins, and witches and Michelle Wallace's drabble about the descent into madness, or Nilanjana Bose's unique take on the sale of mother's milk. What a scary proposition.

Remember the Druid Princess's revenge in Deborah Drucker's tale, or Robyn Campbell's poem inspired by her years of spending Halloween staring in a window, and D G Hudson's sleepwalking, cemetery-seeking child, a mother's worst nightmare.

Who could have guessed that a body shop could be so frightening? Madilyn Quinn did, and then Olga Odim brought us the humor of a naked mermaid costume, and J Lenni Dorner taught us the reason for counting to ten, a very scary reason.

Feather Stone gave us an excerpt with a woman willing to fight for her life, and Roland Yeoman's made us all shiver with the vengeful ghosts of Lakota lore, and then there's Arpan Ghosh's tale that warns not only the children, but adults too--do not talk to strangers!

C. Lee McKenzie reminded us how it feels when we forget to buy that bag of candy before the monsters arrive, and Kate McManus reminded us what a great storyteller Charles Dickens was, while Toi Thomas showed us a monster beyond evil.

In addition, the amazing Samantha Redstreake Geary gave us a feast for the ears, eyes, and heart with a new version of Hansel & Gretel, and Raelene Purtill reminded us how smothering it can feel to be in a crowd, while Bish Denham gave us a moving gravesite.

Jeff Whichello introduced us to the man-eating skunk monster alleged to exist today, and Patrick Coholan reminded us the terror a ticking clock can inspire, or that coveting the grocer could lead to a werewolf attack. Gah!

Hart Johnson created a discussion about fear, and Nancy Williams told us a true ghost story, and Donna Hole (dolorah) reminded us that the true monsters are real--very, very real, and could be our neighbor.

Ellis Moore (desk49) gave us a frightening tale of a murderous twin connection, and Queensheena introduced us to the Rotten Family's dysfunction. Each tale a delightful horror, at times funny reminder that nightmares do come true. From this amazing collection, maybe we can find a ghost story or two to be shared around that next campfire. Excellent work all!

And over to Denise...let's start and finish with your hosts!

Thanks Yolanda for the wrap up. Now how about Yolanda Renee's story, folks? Starts off with a delicious soak in lavender bubbles and ends with an ax(e) murderer coming at ya! Gah! What a chilling expose of the beast in the basement childhood fear. 

Thank you, all of you for your amazing posts.
This is one Halloween Challenge 
for the record books - such amazing stories! 
Are you getting ready for the month of NaNoWriMo?
We are and then we're back for the December Challenge 
Holiday Celebrations that are out of this world! 
But before that look for
the winners announcement.
 on Wednesday!
Happy Halloween!