Thursday 11 March 2021

#WEP #Winners #GuestPost - Jemi Fraser on being a newbie author!

Hello everyone! Denise here! The winner of each WEP challenge gets to do a guest post, and today we have Jemi Fraser, whose flash fiction, Sin and Sunshine blew us away. As Nick Wilford, our judge said: "Beautiful, romantic, devastating. The ending hits hard."

Today Jemi is going to post about being a newbie author. I'm sure we'll all find something helpful and encouraging within Jemi's words of what she's learned in her short time of self-publishing. I'm currently reading an ARC of her latest, Reaching for Roots in her Bloo Moose series and can attest to her writing skills!

 So, take it away, Jemi!

Thanks so much to Denise, Renée, Olga, Laura, & Nila for allowing me to take over the blog for the day!

 I think of myself as a newbie author.

 A couple of years ago, my first published story Until Release, was published in a DLP anthology Tick Tock: A Stitch In Crime.

 In a few weeks, it will be a full year since I published my memoir/self-help Dancing With Dementia. I wonder if then I’ll think of myself as an author without the newbie label.

In July of 2020, I published the first 3 books in my Bloo Moose romantic suspense series. Will I feel like a fully-fledged author when that anniversary rolls around?

I’m currently working on the 8th Bloo Moose book and the first book in the next series. Will publishing that new series be the time?

 I’m not sure.

 This is an industry with a long and bouncy learning curve. Learning one thing leads to more questions and more learning and I don't know if I'll ever lose the newbie feel.

 I started writing about a decade ago when I didn't know agents did anything other than represent famous actors. When I'd never heard the term query letter or first draft or even show not tell.

I've learned a LOT both about writing and the publishing world over the years. I stockpiled stories and ideas until I knew enough to write them properly. I've got multiple stories that will never see the light of day and others that are waiting for a rewrite and so many Shiny New Ideas. But I still feel like a newbie.

 I thought pressing Publish would be the moment.

I thought the first 5 star review would be it.

Or the first 5 star from a complete stranger.

Holding my paperbacks in my hands.

The first contact on social media from someone who loves my books.

The first email where a woman called me a favourite author. (eek!)

Hitting 100 reviews on my freebie series starter.

 Those are AMAZING moments.

Yet, I still feel like a newbie.

 There is so much to learn. Not only about the craft and publishing, but about marketing and promotion (definitely a newbie there!).

 There will always be a lot to learn.

Thankfully, that learning is also part of the fun!

 How about you? Anyone else feel like a newbie? Anyone else looking up the steep hill of the next learning curve?

 Jemi Fraser writes romantic suspense filled with hope, heart, and humour. Her stories combine her love of mystery with the satisfaction of a Happy Ever After.

 For a peek at the Bloo Moose small-town romance series, sign up for her newsletter for a free short story or check out Reaching For Normal (free at all retailers). For more info, check out

 Armed with a mug of tea and freshly-baked cookies, Jemi is living out her own HEA in beautiful Northern Ontario.

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Thanks Jemi! Very shortly Laura will be with you to kick start our April challenge! Please join us! You could be guest posting for us in May!

Thursday 4 March 2021

Winner's of #WEP THE KISS Challenge 2021

Hello everyone! Thank you for participating in the WEP 2021 February challenge THE KISS. The response to the first artistic prompt didn't disappoint. The entries were varied and brilliant! You can imagine trying to choose three winners out of all that brilliance.

Since we're still keeping things lite, there will be no blurbs again this month. But if you still haven't read the entries, just follow this Link to THE KISS!

It's never easy to decide on a shortlist, and this challenge was no exception. After much debate, including some writers not shown here, the final shortlist was sent to our judge, Nick Wilford. We've added a link for you to check them out if you didn't get to read them.

We would like to thank all of you who commented on all/most of the entries. Such a crucial part of making WEP work. Though we didn't count them this time around again, we still notice and appreciate your thoughtful responses to each entry.

As you all know, the winner of each challenge receives a critique prize along with the opportunity to Guest Post here at WEP. You can check out the generous contributors in our sidebar. This month, Yolanda Renée, yours truly, is offering to give: 

- feedback, or a content edit on your short story, flash fiction, 


-she’ll beta read your latest WIP and give a written critique.



Congratulations, Jemi, for your entry, Sin and Sunshine. 
(It is so nice when an entry has a title, not just the name of the challenge.)

Nick wrote: "Beautiful, romantic, devastating. The ending hits hard."

Jemi, please link the badge to your flash and post it on your blog. You've also won this month's fabulous critique prize! If you can't avail yourself of the prize, please email Yolanda so we can offer it to the next on the list.



Congratulations,  Rebecca, for your unique story.

Nick wrote: "I never saw this one coming. Great fun and seeing things from the slug's perspective was unique." 

Rebecca, please link the badge to your story, The Kiss, and post it on your blog.


Congratulations, Anstice, for your story, Golden Summer.

Nick wrote:  "Very nicely done with great imagery. It seemed like the painting had come to life."

Anstice, please link the badge to your story,  and post it on your blog.


Because we struggled to choose winners from such amazing entries, many of you missed out which is unfortunate. A new WEPper, Steph Wolmarans, stunned us with her entry for The Kiss. We unanimously agreed to award her with a special prize which we do when we're moved to. So, Steph, Olga created this badge expressly for you.

Steph, thanks for joining us in February. Please link the badge to your entry.

Stay safe and well everyone, here's to a super creative Spring and our preparations for the next WEP Challenge in April...FREEDOM MORNING! If you didn't win this challenge, there's always this one!


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