Monday 1 February 2021

Here we go again. #WEP 2021 begins with the first of our arty prompts - The Kiss! Get on board! Sign up on this post on February 17.

The link above opens for participation on February 17

Welcome everyone to WEP 2021! 

Renée and Denise are your hosts this month. We're relieved to see the end of 2020 and we're sure you are too. Here's hoping this new year will treat us kindly.

WEP is an enormous amount of work, so in the interests of the team's health and other commitments,  we're making the 1st of the month post do some heavy lifting. There will be no post on the due date. Instead, the InLinkz is embedded at the beginning of this post and will go live on the due date. 

WEP lite

We are continuing with WEP lite. This means that:

WEP is stripped of everything but the absolute essentials.

There will be no...

  • Comment counting. We rely on your goodwill to read as many entries as you can, remembering how it sucks if only 2 people read yours. Don't let this happen! We applaud you for reading as many posts as you were able.
  • Blurbs. Blurbs are a lot of work. We'll hold off on them again until further notice. 
  • Constant post monitoring. We'll still try to check the website and C-Box as much as possible, but if you have a very urgent query, email Denise at or Renee at

There will continue to be...

  • Shortlist and judging
  • Winners' post announcement
  • Winner's Guest post
  • Mail Chimp emails (most of the time) - please check your spam folder as our emails contain links - some email providers are over zealous and send them straight to spam! 

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 The February Prize is a beta read with critique or plotting advice from  
Yolanda Renée
    To place her credentials before you,  Renée has (5) published novels, all part of a suspenseful/romance series set in Alaska. And she's had two short stories placed in the IWSG Anthologies. 

    Renée adores writing flash fiction. Horror, romance, and mystery are favorite genres, but she loves her poetry too. Her specialty is plotting, so tell her what you need and she's there.  

      You've got to be in it to win it!


      What could be more appropriate for Valentine month than Gustav Klimt’s  The Kiss?

      This shimmery, early 20th century painting of a couple embracing in a patch of wildflowers has riveted art afficionados  across the world for decades.

      Use this amazing painting to kick off  a romantic love story of star crossed lovers. Or maybe a much married pair who’ve been together for years. Of unrequited or lost love. Or any love of the other gazillion types.

      For unValentinish souls, remember that there are kisses other than romantic ones.  The kiss of life, the kiss of death, the kiss of betrayal, the angels’ kiss in spring. The mystical thousand ways of kneeling and kissing the ground.

      One golden artwork, a zillion directions to go. Pick yours and run with it. We’re cheering for you. And can't wait to see what you come up with!


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      Get-your-thinking-caps-on for The Kiss @DeniseCCovey @YolandaRenee @LGKeltner, @OlgaGodim Sign up February 17-19th! #WEPFF #amwriting #flashfiction #poetry #nonfiction

      Join WEP @DeniseCCovey @YolandaRenee @LGKeltner, @OlgaGodim  for the first Challenge of 2021, February's The Kiss. Sign up and Post February 17-19th!  #WEPFF #amwriting #flashfiction #poetry #nonfiction

      Step into the New Year by joining @DeniseCCovey @YolandaRenee, @LGKeltner, @OlgaGodim  for the first challenge! The Kiss! Sign up and post on February 17-19th!  #WEPFF #amwriting #flashfiction #poetry #nonfiction

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      Welcome, everyone to what we hope is a

       most creative year!

      Your hosts for The Kiss 

      Denise & Renée.


      1. Have fun.
        If time/health allow it I will read the entries with a great deal of pleasure. Again.

        1. It's a special challenge. Love is in the air! Take care, but know that your readership and participation is always welcome!

      2. Love the theme, but then I always do.

      3. Great to see the first of the 'arty' prompts on. Looking forward to the reading post 17th...

      4. Wish you all Hapy belated Valentine's Day.

      5. Hello WEP Team and WEP Authors,
        I am not participating this month but will stop by to read some or all of the entries.
        Have a great WEP time.
        Shalom aleichem,

        1. I'm sorry you're not writing for us this month Pat, but I know you're busy with your publication. Hopefully next time?

        2. Happy Valentine's Day, Pat. I missed you. Finished reading twenty three entries and realized you were not there. Came here to hollar and found your comnent. Looking forward to your story...

      6. As soon as I added my link I realized I forgot to put the DL, though it is a direct link to my post. Looking forward to reading everyone's stories. Thanks for the continued support of this wonderful group.

        1. Toi, it doesn't matter now that everyone is supposed to post their direct link. It's something we can do without now.

        2. Same her Toi. I always forget but as Denise and Rebecca pointed out we can do without it. Still - I don't want to be the odd woman out.

      7. Why is Dixie Jarchow in the list twice - #6 and #20? Both links point to the same story.

        1. No doubt Dixie didn't realize I'd picked up her post and added it. It happens. Better than people not signing up at all.

      8. Sorry I'm so late, barely got started this morning before the service went out. Getting caught up now. I'll correct the problem Olga, thanks!

        I'm thrilled to see all the participants! So exciting!

      9. It occurs to me that there's no real reason to say "DL" as we are all meant to be posting a direct link now, and can't post until time for it to go live!

        1. Yes Rebecca, I agree. We'll have a chat about it.

      10. Anstice's blog doesn't like my comment. I just wanted to say that she did a nice job.

        1. Thank you! I managed to retrieve your comment from my spam folder. Sorry about that!

        2. You're welcome. Wordpress blogs often mistake my comments for Spam. I guess there's too much of me going around!

      11. Carole Stolz wrote a wonderful poem as an entry to this challenge, but I can't comment on it on her blog, so I'm commenting here.
        "Can we zoom a kiss or Skype a hug?" - what a marvelous line. Love does present its challenges at the times of pandemic and masks and self-isolation. A great take on the theme.

        1. I'm not on Facebook either. I agree it's a great poem for the times and perfect for the challenge! Great work Carole!

      12. I've just finished reading and commenting on all the posts and as usual I'm blown away by the diversity of the interpretations and the sheer talent of these writers. Every entry has been a treat to read. Thanks Renée, Denise and the rest of the team.

      13. It's been slow going, but I'll visit everyone by the end of the month. Sorry to be tardy.

      14. My comment for Carole Stolz WEP entry, also posted by messenger to her via Facebook.

        Lovely warm heartfelt poem. It lifts my spirits no end. Personally , I would maybe cut out the last two stanzas. Take care and keep creating. Susan B. Rouchard.

      15. Sorry only managed to visit and comment on 17 out of 23. See you next time on WEP.
        SusanB. Rouchard.

      16. Wordpress blogs don't like me. I imagine my comment for Toi was eaten as Spam. Here is the comment.
        Astounding and appalling that laws against interracial marriage ever existed. Perhaps even more astounding and appalling that there are those who would like to see them brought back.

        P.S. I'm still working my way around to the blogs. Sorry I've been so slow this time.

      17. I'm still having a beastly time commenting on WordPress blogs. I really enjoyed Jemima's story and liked that it turned out as it did.

      18. To the wonderful WEP team ... thanks for organising and to Nick for his choices - must be so difficult when one reads the entries. Stay safe and have happy weekends - Hilary

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