Friday 1 June 2018

Welcome to #WEP - Write...Edit...Publish JUNE Challenge -- UNRAVELED YARN

Hello Writers,

Unraveled Yarn! We’re not necessarily talking knitting and crochet.  Although, knitting/crochet/embroidery could easily be woven into a backdrop, even take centre-stage, in the interpretation of this prompt. A yarn is a long and rambling, often improbable, story. But we’re not talking long and improbable, a crisp and convincing flash in whatever genre you choose is what we’re after. We are open to everything, except erotica.

Serenity, meet Disaster. A lie found out, the unpicking of a tall tale. A crime taking an unexpected turn. A bad-hair day. An ordinary walk spiraling into a crisis. A romantic encounter ending in chaos.   Take your pick with the unpicking. And have fun! 

Remember to add WEP to your post title so it's easily spotted. We like to have all participants on the blogroll, please have a quick scan and tell us if your blog is missing and email one of us if it's not there!

We're sorry to say that our team member, Yolanda Renee, is withdrawing from WEP at least until the end of the year due to health problems. Please join with us in thanking Yolanda for her seriously excellent input into WEP, and praying her health will improve. We all want to see Yolanda join us again in 2019, don't we? 

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See you soon!