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#WEP August 2022 Challenge - #Moonlight Sonata - Sign up here on August 17th

Welcome to the August Challenge for Write...Edit...Publish, Moonlight Sonata! 

Renee posting today. There continue to be super fabulous entries for all the challenges. I can't wait to see which direction you all take with Moonlight Sonata.

Remember, it doesn't matter the words or pictures that we use for the prompt. The choice is yours for where you want to take the suggested inspiration. One word, maybe an impression you received when you first saw the badge? Wherever your inspiration comes from. It's right! Let the words flow...


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

To give you a little information and inspire your writing, Nila composed this regarding the Moonlight Sonata:

This challenge is based on Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven a nod to Western classical music from the 19th century. A timeless masterpiece that he composed in 1801, dedicated to Countess Giulietta Guicciardi, who was briefly his student and who he fell in love with. But could not marry due to the strict social conventions of the time. The Sonata, originally titled Sonata una quasi Fantasia -Piano Sonata No 14 in C sharp minor, became extremely popular during the composer's lifetime, so much so that Beethoven himself seemed to tire of it, writing to a friend that it was the only thing of his that people want to hear. It acquired its evocative nickname five years after Beethoven's death in 1832 after the poet and music critic Ludwig Relistab said it brought to mind the moon setting over Lake Lucerne.

There are a million ways to interpret this challenge - use the title to define your setting, a water body, a full moon, a floating craft, a romantic evening...

Use it to devise your character - a werewolf, a vampire, a modern-day witch/wizard...

Use the backstory to create your flash about circumstances scuppering a relationship...or a nickname coming to define something/someone...

Beethoven's life itself can inspire a thousand stories - listen to his music composed 200+ years ago and go where the muse takes you. And take us right along with you for the ride

Have fun writing!

The August Prize:

 CHRISTINE RAINS, Speculative Fiction author, is offering a 10,000-word critique.

She says, "I'm a detailed critic. I give my reactions as I'm reading, along with what I like and don't like, overall plot, tropes, and characterization. I try my best to be as helpful as possible."

Her latest book Ravage of Revenants: A Fantasy LitRPG Adventure (Khthonia Book 2),a fantasy LitRPG/GameLit for fans of table-top role-playing games. 

Nora Quinn has spent years honing her mystery-solving skills. When the game calls for several days of gathering information, she's excited to uncover who the evil necromancer is. She plays Essaerae, an elven bard at home with the aristocrats of Willowbright Woods and political maneuvering. Yet her friends are not. They're enjoying their new lives trapped in the dark fantasy world of Khthonia. Finding the way home is no longer a priority, especially if it means hours of tedious investigating.

Assassins set their sights on the heroes, and undead attack the city. Someone on the esteemed Council is likely the necromancer, and to end the curse on Khthonia, the players must unmask them. Nora's left to figure the puzzle out on her own. The problem is, if she splits from the party, she will die.

Christine has a new website. Click to visit her.

So, to win Christine's valued prize,

submit your Moonlight Sonata entry between

August 17 – 19th.


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Have Fun!

And the fun continues in October, dubbed the Fear Fest challenge when I host the fabulous Halloween challenge. You don't have to write creepy if that's not your idea of fun. Check out our suggestions for October, but go with your pleasure.

The prompt is based on Thriller, released in the early 80's,  an unofficial anthem for Halloween and horror.

 Renee, for...


  1. Here we go again! Can't wait to read the interpretations to Moonlight Sonata.

  2. Especially looking forward to this one.

  3. Already having fun juggling 'love' and 'the war' for this one... with a cliffhanger nod to October's thriller.

    Good writing luck everyone.

    1. To you too. Look forward to reading your entries!

    2. This sounds interesting Roland. Will be a great read for sure.


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