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Sunday, 1 December 2019

December 1st - Follow Those Footprints of Thought

Hello fellow writers! Laura here! 

Can you believe it's December 1st already? Where in the world has 2019 gone? Pretty soon we're going to be tracing the footprints the year has left behind in our lives and reflecting on where we've been and where we'd like to go from here.

Okay, that introduction contained some not-so-subtle hints about what this month's challenge has in store. Put on your thinking caps and get ready for . . . FOOTPRINTS! I'd like to offer a huge shout out to the wonderful Tyrean Martinson from the IWSG for coming up with this prompt!

Please note that we're posting earlier this month. December tends to be a busy month full of holidays, festivals, family and fun, and we're hoping that by posting a week earlier, everyone will be able to enjoy the challenge and the festivities.

Since December is a holiday-rich month, you may feel the urge to go in that direction with your entry. Or you may decide to do something completely different. Whatever you choose to write will be welcome, as long as it isn't erotica.

If this is your first time posting, or if you've forgotten the format, here's a procedural recap -

There is no separate sign up now. 

This post is just a gentle nudge for you to get thinking about the way you want to spin the prompt. Feel free to visit the main Challenge page for ideas. Or not. Perfectly fine either way.

Post your entry on your blog as normal. Indicate the level of feedback you desire by adding the critique codes. Don't forget to include the Challenge badge and Write... Edit... Publish... in your blog post title. 

The main Challenge post goes live on December 11th at 00.00 hours NY time on this site.
  Add the URL of your FOOTPRINTS post to InLinkz directly on the main post. 

The InLinkz SUBMIT button closes after December 13th 23:59 NY time. 

Read and comment on the participating blogs, taking into account the level of feedback the writer requests.  Please note that you must make an effort to comment in order to have a chance at winning. In the past, we've had to take wonderful entries off the shortlist because the authors did not make the commenting rounds. 
Please don't let this happen to you! If you can't read all posts (especially this month), we understand, but please read several and encourage each other in our writing. 


Comment counting will cease on December 20th at midnight, which gives you a week to read/comment. This is a shorter time frame but includes a weekend. The team need to finish reading, collate a shortlist and send names to Nick before we take a short break. We'll leave the Winners Post and winner Guest Post until January. When you've finished reading, it would be helpful if you left a comment on the main post to tell us you're done. PLEASE everyone, make sure comments are allowed on your blog. And most importantly, make sure you read the updated CRITIQUE PAGE above before commenting.

If you'd like to help in this or a later challenge, please email me at: laura.gene.walker@gmail.com or leave a comment below. We appreciate help especially with counting comments and writing blurbs.


And now for the exciting part! The Critique Prize!

In January 2020, multi-published author J.L. Campbell is offering a 3-chapter critique prize to the winner. If you're the winner and have no WIP, you have the option of passing it on or asking for a critique of a short story or flash. 

Best-selling author J.L. Campbell is an award-winning writer who started writing seriously in 2004. After having three novels contracted by small publishers in 2010, Campbell opted to self-publish two collections of Jamaican-themed short stories in 2011.

Campbell is an editor and workshop presenter who writes contemporary romance, romantic suspense, women's fiction, new and young adult novels and is the author of over thirty books. 

Her Amazon author page is here. Her Book Bub is here.


Joy's latest title on AMAZON in collaboration with USA Today Bestselling authors.

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And as a reminder, here is a list of all the challenges for the upcoming year.

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For Denise, Nilanjana and Olga


  1. Not this time.
    I AM looking forward to reading though.

    1. Hope you are better. Always look forward to your presence/participation at the challenges.

    2. We’re going to miss your entry Sue. Hope all is well.

    3. Your supportive comments are always a welcome part of our challenges!

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  2. Hi WEP Team,

    I'm kind of excited about this last theme because I am not sure that I can write with words what I see in my mind for my story, and I just don't want to turn in any old thing. But I am going to try.

    Sue, I will miss your end of the year story. You are a fellow comrade writer that I'll really miss participating.
    Take care .

    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G

    1. I'm sure you'll come up with something wonderful! You always do!

    2. You never post any old thing Pat. Your entries always speak to me on some level. Thank you 😊

  3. Thanks Laura for this update. All ready to run and leave my Footprints behind for all you exciting bloggers to follow. Finishing up on reading/commenting the IWSG December posts and then good to go blog-hopping for WEP.
    Thank you also Tyrian for the prompt and beautiful badge. Happy Christmas writing and see you on the 11th.

    1. Great that you’re turning up to the party Susan. Lovely to end the year reading great stories.

  4. I posted mine a little early as people have been driving so crazily as I've done my blood runs, it struck me as wise to put up my story now. I hope my friends here enjoy it. :-) https://rolandyeomans.blogspot.com/2019/12/borne-on-windwep-story.html

    1. I have added your permalink to the InLinkz for when we go live Roland.

    2. Thanks, Denise. This should prove to be an intriguing assemblage of short fiction. :-)

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