Friday 15 November 2019


Nila here again! 

I know I've said this before, but it bears repeating, like all good things - what a crop of superlative writing the October HORRIBLE HARVEST prompt produced! Picking winners out of so many is always extremely hard, but this time Bernadette was a rare unanimous choice by the WEP team.

Judge Nick Wilford said:

"This wasn't the only story with an eco theme, but it treats the subject in such a stark and sobering way that it nudges into first place for me. Amazing to pack something so powerful into so few words."

If you haven't already, please visit the previous post to read all about the winners and other news.

It is our pleasure to share with you a guest post from Bernadette. As well as winning the critique prize from Kyra Lennon, Bernadette writes a guest post for WEP and the IWSG newsletter which will be out soon.

Here's what Bernadette does to tackle writer's block:

5 Ways to Get Rid of Writer's Block
You've probably already heard about the good ol' writer's block. The fact that there are so many articles on the topic acknowledges that it's a widespread phenomenon (Yes, even copywriters who already have a topic and character limit get stumped on where to get started). So then, it's just natural that a writer who's creating something marvellous from scratch gets stuck now and then.
Here are a few of the tips that work for me:
1. Read what others have done
Make a note of what you want to write about and do a quick Google search on it. It’s a great way of finding inspiration
Warning: This method is also quite a time killer so be sure that you have a way of keeping yourself from going down the rabbit hole.
2.  Listen to music (or do whatever helps you think)
Listening to music helps me think. I usually enjoy rock, blues & pop and they inspire me in different ways. Try using a random line from the song you're listening to as a prompt. It may lead nowhere but believe me, it's fun. Alternatively, if music doesn’t work for you, try something else that helps you think. It could be anything from bouncing ideas off a friend to taking your dog for a walk.
3. Dream
Imagine if you were living in your WIP's world. You could probably bump into one of your characters on your way to work or have one of them plotting a sinister plan right behind you. This is a great way to understand how to move on ahead (almost like looking at a 3D model of a human organ to understand it better). Just bear in mind that this method has the same limitations as point one.
4. Wait
Sometimes the answer to a problem is to just let it be. Do something else that you enjoy or need to get done. It's a better way of staying productive instead of staring blankly at a screen/page. You’ll also end-up spending your time in a much better way.
5. Write about it!
Let your writer's block work for you. If your block is not letting you write, just use it as an inspiration and write a tale about how it's affecting you or ways to combat it. I just did.

Thank you, Bernadette, for these creative ways to get over writer's block, my favourite's gotta be 4! Let the writing find me instead of the other way round! 

Join us for the final 2019 prompt in December as we round up another landmark and creative year at Write...Edit...Publish...

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More details in Laura's post on December 1st. In which she introduces the prompts and the directions we take in 2020...See you there!

Till then, happy and blockless writing! 

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  1. Hi Nila, Bernadette, Denise and WEP/IWSG organisers ... Excellent tips for readers to overcome their writing blocks - I'm grateful I don't suffer. I go to a Memoir writing class - where a 10 minute subject/phrase is given ... and we all write something up ... amazing the different ideas that come out. It's spreading one's wings - something WEP has taught me! I'm mulling Footprints now! Good luck to everyone - cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary, that sounds very interesting - the memoir writing. I'm so chuffed to hear the different directions WEP is spurring our writers onto! Perhaps you'll share something you wrote for those classes at WEP someday? Looking forward to what you come up with for Footprints! Have a wonderful weekend.

    2. A Memoir writing class seems really interesting. Excited to read all the pieces in December.

  2. Good Morning All,
    Bernadette, thanks for the tips. I use the one with just doing nothing, if I get stuck often. I pick up a book and begin to read about something else and ideas start coming.
    All the best.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G

  3. Thanks Bernadette. I always wonder about writer's block, how it is actually possible. I suffer the opposite. So many nights I can't sleep because I'm writing in my head. Some of that is my best writing. Love that subconscious thingy. Nevertheless, I have a writer friend in Oz who keeps talking about what she's going to write and how she's going to do it, but is blocked from putting it on the page. So frustrating.
    Stephen King in his great On Writing, says he walks and walks and walks till the block breaks and away he goes again.
    Happy writing everyone!

    1. Walking is my go to method for destressing...outwalk whatever's bugging you, including writer's block :)

    2. A great idea! I must say that you're pretty lucky to have a non-writer's block (is that even a word?)

  4. Great post, Bernadette. Music is almost always the answer to get my brain working!

    1. A writer friend once mentioned she wrote to instrumental music only - any lyrics and she'd get distracted listening to the words..different strokes!

    2. I guess we're all wired differently :)

  5. Dream can go a long way, but then when you're crazy you never get writer's block.

    1. That's what makes it a great way to get some inspiration :)

  6. Dreaming usually works for me. Great post, Bernadette.

    1. I probably spend too much time dreaming not writing :)

    2. Sometimes it's the same for me too!

  7. Thanks for the great post, Bernadette!

  8. Great tips. I too like listening to music when I need to think. I love the idea of writing about your block.

  9. Thanks Nila and Bernadette for an inspiring post.
    Definitely music for me, can’t do snitching without it. Writing everyday on everything that happens in my life, making lists, describing dreams every morning as soon as I wake up. These all work for me. Reading and writing are such fulfilling activities, the problem is more chores-block for me ! Ha !

  10. Great tips. I'm not sure my diagnosis is 'writer's block' - more 'rewrite syndrome'. My first chapters get rewritten and revised endlessly. However, I do dream -tip 3 - to get started. But I tend to do that overnight.


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