February:   At the back of the drawer

Rummaging at the back of the drawer, you find…. a clue to a murder/mystery or a note from an old flame…. a key to an old house…anything really. Could be interpreted anyway – a broad prompt for you if you don’t like February to be all about Valentines. But if you're a romantic soul who does, go for it.

April: Peace and Love 


According to the poem by Peace and Love by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

“Despair and hope may meet within one heart”

So, April - the month inspired by poetry. It’s also the month of the A to Z challenge which takes our corner of the web by storm. The WEP Challenge falls on the ‘P’ day, so here’s your opportunity to fit into the ‘P’ category and participate in the A - Z and WEP at the same time, if you so desire. If you're not participating in the A - Z, go for it!
But just because April is poetry month, it doesn’t mean you have to post poetry (do I hear a sigh of relief?) There are any number of ways you might express Peace & Love --

                   . . . a love story, a call for world peace, a refugee story, the possibilities are endless. . .

June:   Bridges

Water under the bridge? Or interpret this prompt as a setting, or as an overture after a breach, or just the word inserted somewhere into your writing/images.



Prisoners of war building a bridge, thinking of loved ones, inspiration to survive...

Explorers building a bridge to an unexplored site…

Engineers building a bridge that collapses...


Building bridges after a feud

Water under the bridge--let bygones be bygones

August:  Reunions

Families separated by a multitude of reasons-- ill feelings, separation at birth, kidnapping -- many reasons for such, or a holiday reunion lends itself to a fantasy reunion that can be heartbreaking for its reality.

October:  Dark Places

Physical or psychological. It’s Halloween. This has any number of possibilities! Let your imagination run riot!

December:   The End is the Beginning 

Can be written as a flashback – or as a cascading change, any branching off point can be an end and a beginning.

It’s also the end of the year and next month allows for a new start.

Entries can be flash fiction of no more than 1000 words (although this isn’t really enforced, don’t go too far over) poetry, non-fiction, photographs, photo essays, paintings -- any artistic expression you desire!

Prizes are awarded!

Sign-up on the First of the Month of the Challenge by adding your name and blog URL to the Linky List. You are welcome to post this list on your blog and encourage your friends to join us!

On the third Wednesday of the Month of the challenge, post your masterpiece on your blog and send Denise or Yolanda the URL or let us know you’ve posted. It will also show up in the blogroll on the WEP site.
We’ll add the DL (for Direct Link) and it will be updated on the WEP Linky List.
As long as your blog is up, the link will take readers to your page--forever.

Remember to comment on as many posts as you can! This is the most fun and the most productive.

Here are the rules for critiquing:

Be sure to add them to your post the get the most out of the experience!

Have fun!


  1. Thinking cap on. Is there a word count/limit on the written challenges?

    1. Hi Sally. Nice to hear from you. Yes, we're thinking of keeping it to anything under 1,000 words which keeps to the flash fiction 'rule'. Don't say it here specifically, but it is still up there in our welcome message and in previous posts. Better add it here then!

      Hopefully see you in the challenges!

      Denise :-)

  2. I will think about this. I'm working hard on my edits right now.

  3. Oh no. I have never, in my life, written anything that has taken place on another planet or in another world. I am now in cold sweat over the December challenge.

    The Halloween challenge, on the other hand, should be eazy peazy for me. I have a list of terrors as long as my arm. :/

  4. I just needed to stop and say that I'm in love with the beautiful badges you use for the challenges! So pretty and perfect!

  5. Fabulous badges, Yolanda! Count me in for the Valentine's Day one, as a followup to #LostnFound2016. Might even try a little fiction, for a change. ☺ BTW, I'm one of those anti-Valentine's Day types. Love should be celebrated year round, when the mood strikes; not on some fake, commercial holiday where the price of everything is inflated. Bah Humbug! ;)

  6. Sorry, I meant Yolanda and Denise. DUH. So glad I found both of you! ☺

    1. We know what you meant. We'll be thrilled to have you try some fiction for the challenge. I'm sure my piece will be too.

  7. The badges look sumptuous! Participate totally for a chance to stick them up on the blog :-) Might try some poetry for Feb, love/valentines - an inexhaustible theme..

  8. Happy New Year 2017! These all look interesting. Looking forward to participating in at least a couple.

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