The submission process is super easy. Open to everyone! It's a free online writing/creative community. All genres are welcome as stated on the blog - all categories - Adult, YA, MG. M/M and F/F okay, but no heavy erotica or gratuitous sex please. We blush easily, lol!


We began this meme as Romantic Friday Writers--Francine Howarth and myself, where every entry had to have a romantic element. Then I took on a new partner, Donna Hole, and we dropped the romantic element as we realised many folk do not get romance writing. Then it became Write...Edit...Publish, which I attempted to run by myself. Bad decision. Too much work for one person.

Now Yolanda Renee and myself have joined forces. Yolanda brings a lot of energy to the community, and I'm confident we can keep this meme active well into the future, as long as we see the need.


  1. SUBMIT your name to the Inlinkz list below the badge shown above
  2. CREATE your entry according to the current theme
  3. EDIT your entry until it sparkles
  4. POST your entry on your blog/facebook on the dates shown, adding 'WEP entry' in the Post Title. Delete your original link, then add your direct link. This is important if you post on your blog several times a week, then people have trouble looking for your post. Remember to state feedback preferences (full critique to general comments) and whether your work is copyrighted ©- And remember to copy/paste the badge for the appropriate challenge or the generic WEP badge which is in the sidebar. 
  5. READ as many other entries as you are able, giving feedback as requested. We are strong believers in reciprocation on the blogs.
This is an example only, not live!!

Photographers might consider collating a group of photos for the theme, or a montage telling a story. A photo essay is always riveting! A single photograph is fine.

Artists/illustrators - this may be a platform to get your work noticed!

Playscripts are few and far between on the blogs. Maybe you could change this!

We will send out a reminder email close to the due date of each challenge. 


  1. The link in your post isn't working. The link in your pages does.

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  3. is there a particular theme? And am looking also for max word count?

  4. Do whatever you want with Utopian Dreams. What comes to your mind? Any genre.

  5. Discovered this new community today. Love the possibilities you promise, a wish fulfillment!

  6. A Greek Vase, an antique perspective.

    Looking out from the inside through a haze of brown and red it felt as if I was swamped, in a

    miasma of dregs.

    I was. It was my tale to tell for aeons.

    What I rested against, supine, curved, was the earth, terracotta. The folds of my garment clung

    around me, the satyr's smile winked at me, the centaurs marched majestically past, circularly. I

    thought of the advent of my life, the beginning, the myth, the creation by a man and a woman.

    Neither took precedence, one was a poet, Sappho, the other a humorist, known for his plays,

    Aristophanes and for his male, grotesque sense of humour.

    The wreaths writhes around, swung weightless thoughts and possibilities forth, endlessly.

    I gazed around the room, murals depicted human congress, slaves serving masters, women

    langourous. Wine libations flowing, bread and circuses an ubiquitous aprt of it all, in Rome.

    But Sappho you remind me was Greek. yes and turned always to the left on her crater calyx, the

    place of Rome. Greek politics, Greek polis, Roman demcracy. So, it turned on love and geography,

    the globe turning to a reasoned end, a gift giving and receiving, sausage-seller and other, Sappho's

    fragment about Aphrodite appropriated by Aristophanes... to his own ends and reminding me of

    20thc Terry Pratchett's 'Cut Me Own Throat Dibbler', but I digress.

    How did I get here, into the University of Canterbury's Teece collections, along with a mosaic of a

    wolf, petrified (not frightened, but stone) bread. Again I think of Terry Pratchett and his story about

    the scone that was stolen, (joke in that, a pun) or was it, from the dungeon of the dwarf king. I am a

    dwarf, but not as Tyrion Lannister was, more as Cheery Littlebottom is...eternally female in a male


    A woman archaeologist dug my 'crater' up from a crater, near the foot of Vesuvius. She was gentle,

    wore white, carefully brushed the soft earth from my resting place and lifted my vessel and I up to

    the light.I am real.

    It is real. I began life on the tip of a sable brush, stroked gently onto the terracotta slip, figured out,

    hair added last after my robes, my smile, my all-seeing eyes. My mind is my own. It owes nothing

    to any man.

    My self is inviolate, intact, a perennial vestal, virginal. Never to be sullied by the lusts of

    man/men. Always longing for a sapphic touch. Immobilised into the earth from which the pigments

    came that created me.

    I am a figure on a drinking cup.

    I am touched by male lips but not swallowed, licked, but not engorged. I will be free at last when

    my surrounds are dropped are finally broken, into shards that will be crushed into the Earth, back to


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