Self Publishing

This is by no means a definitive list - please send any links you find to my email - and I will add them to this list...

Raquel Byrnes: What I learn when I got published:

Spunk on a Stick's post on the importance of having a business card:

Facebook and epublishing:

Selling a million books on Amazon:

01 Oct 2012
Some say self-publishing is for the brave of heart and the foolhardy. I say it's for the adventurous and never mind those who disapprove. In my opinion, traditional publishers have pretty much closed the doors on authors, ...
15 Oct 2012
Author Guest Post - Maria McKenzie - The Most Important Tips for Independently Publishing Your Book. Hi one and all! Today we .... I have learned so much more about self-publishing from reading this. I wish you good sales ...
23 Jul 2012
There are places where you can swap likes with other authors or 'tag' each other's books (check out World Literary Cafe or search Goodreads for Indie or self-publishing). Tags help your book get found in searches. Make your ...


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