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Let WEP brighten your life and your writing!
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Who knows? Like many others have experienced, participation may lead you to expand your flash/idea into a novel or novella.

And join with me in thanking Olga Godim for her exceptional badges. Aren't they wonderful?

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In too deep –


February. It’s the Valentine’s month, but WEP’s always open to all genres, not just romance. However, no erotic romance.

Any situation with the potential for unforeseen conflict. Or it could be literal – a flood, a hurricane, a mining disaster, you name it. This one is wide open. A million possible takes.

Love. War. Anything in between. An affair sours. A hobby (hubby?) goes berserk. An addiction teeters on the edge of out-of-hand. A sports tournament goes horribly wrong.

Let your creativity soar!


Road less travelled -


Options. Options. Decisions. Decisions.

A monumental career choice. Or something trivial like turning up dressed in some odd, exotic costume for a black-tie event, whoops. A trail blazer MC, a loner and a misfit. Journeys to out-of-the-way places, physical and/or metaphorical. A unique holiday trip, an unusual parenting or mentoring journey. From experimental music to extraordinary lifestyle choices. So many ways to spin this prompt.


Unraveled yarn –


No, we’re not necessarily talking knitting and crochet.  Although, knitting/crochet/embroidery could easily be woven into a backdrop, even take centre-stage, in the interpretation of this prompt. A yarn is a long and rambling, often improbable, story. But we’re not talking long and improbable, a crisp and convincing flash or whatever genre you choose is what we’re after.

Serenity, meet Disaster. A lie found out, the unpicking of a tall tale. A crime taking an unexpected turn. A bad-hair day. An ordinary walk spiraling into a crisis. A romantic encounter ending in chaos.   Take your pick with the unpicking!


Change of Heart –

Who hasn’t had one? This one’s easy, right?

A commitment made when a prospect looked attractive, a decision on a course of action, and then regrets and reluctance to follow through.  It could be an engagement, a date, a diet plan, a chore someone said they’d do and didn’t follow through.  A strip poker-game. Or maybe a gamble with super-high, panic inducing stakes.  A break for independence that once made, gives pause for second thoughts.  A bolt for the grass-always-greener pasture and then wanting to vault-n-turn right back. Something offered, then withdrawn.  Myriad ways to go.


Déjà vu or Voodoo -


Most WEP-ers go with horror for October but…you have a horror of the scarefest? No problem. Just interpret these prompts without a smidgen of anything extra-sensory. Amaze us with a romance or adventure flash without a drop of gore!

Want to keep it scary? Want to write ghosties and ghoulies in? Plenty of choice for the Halloween month. Both these prompts can be worked into horror or paranormal. Let ‘er rip. 

A nightmare comes to life. A not-so-pleasant experience repeated after years. A vague memory that ends up being something more ominous. A house of horrors revisited with fearsome results. See if you can scare us.


Ribbons and Candles –


Perfect for the festival/festive season. Perfect also for flashes not themed around festivities or holidays. All prompts here work year-round and are pan-global. Genre, themes, settings, mood, no bar. Only the word count counts. And you could ignore that too and come in with a photo-essay or art, minimal words required.

A party. A power-cut. Gift-giving. Hair braids. Ribbons of roads, rivers, paper, love, hope. Candles in the room. Candles in the church. Candles in the wind. And any combo thereof. It could go in a thousand different directions, choose yours and step outside the square!

Please share this page with your friends! We'd love more participants!

Denise, Yolanda, Olga and Nilanjana.


  1. Hmm....and the ideas begin. Maybe a "-punk-" themed anthology, using various details and iterations inspired by cyberpunk and steampunk motifs.

  2. Okay, I think I'll take the dive. Happy Holidays!

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