Saturday 1 October 2022

#WEP October 2022 Challenge - #Thriller - Sign up here on October 19th

Welcome to the October Challenge for Write...Edit...Publish, THRILLER! 

My favorite time of the year, FALL (Autumn), and my favorite holiday is HALLOWEEN!

 Hi, Renee presenting this month's challenge. Welcome to "THRILLER", inspired by the lyrics and videos of  Michael Jackson.

Anything goes, so have fun, just let the words flow...

Please Note:

Denise will be side-lined for this posting. Please direct all your questions to

Her husband broke his back, and she is seeing to his needs at this time. Her last report to me said he is getting better. 

I know Denise will do her best to participate and comment, but please contact me or any other team member for help if you need it.

Thank you!


Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

To give you a little information and inspire your writing, Nila composed this regarding:


This is the Fear fest Challenge in which we ramp up the spook factor over here, welcoming your creepiest compositions, your most haunting and haunted tales running the gamut of paranormal, speculative, crime, and horror genres. However, as always, there are no rigid rules. Feel free to write to any genre if those mentioned are not your thing. 

The prompt is based on Thriller, released in the early '80s,  an unofficial anthem for Halloween and horror. Both singer and song are music industry icons. Thriller has sold 70 million+ copies worldwide, and Michael Jackson, known as the King of Pop, is one of the controversial and culturally significant figures of the 20th century. He is credited with some landmark music and reinventing complex dance moves like the moonwalk to make it his own signature. Like the Beatles, MJ was, during his lifetime and remains, more than a decade after his death, one of the best-selling artists of all time. He has left a massive and unique thumbprint on the music/entertainment scene of the late twentieth century. 

The prompt has endless possibilities. Take this song - they can inspire myriad flashes - the forty thousand years of funk, the beast about to strike, the thing with forty eyes - the imagery is vivid and specific, and boy! can they be used to craft a creepy tale or what? Or you could use the video's own storyline to write to. Use that iconic dance with the undead, the MC morphing into a zombie, to spin a horror flash. 

Or maybe not...because hang on...not everyone needs to be a horror/Halloween junkie. Use the demons as a metaphor. Let the dance with the zombies become an inner wrestling bout with some tragic character flaw(s) in your MC. Or weave a girl-boy-movie-night narrative. Or one of a rescue mission where the hero snatches the damsel in distress from the jaws of monsters, real or imaginary.  Or...just write to the title 'Thriller' - no end to the tales you could tell. You see? - a million ways to go, a million things to be!

Have fun writing!

The October Prize:

 Yolanda Renee  - Your host today and author of a 7-book mystery series, and one book of Poetry, is offering a 10,000-word critique, content edit, or full novel BETA read.

Check  out my books on Amazon. Of all the books I've written, FOR OPAL is my favorite, written for Lilly Opal Stansberry, my grandmother. While I love mystery, horror, and romance, poetry allows me to be me.

Visit Renee's Blog Defending the Pen

To win Renee's valued prize,

submit your "THRILLER" entry between

October 19 – 21st.

Denise butting in here:

WEP is full of surprises! For October, along with the generous offer from Yolanda above, we're offering Amazon Gift Cards to the three winners! We know our writers aren't seeking financial rewards, but please accept your gift if you're one of the three winners!

WINNER - gift card of $20 US
RUNNER UP - gift card $15 US


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WEP and the IWSG Anthology have a long history. There have now been 7 Anthologies. The seventh is the first in the romance genre.


And if you haven't heard...

Two of our writing friends won a place in the last IWSG Anthology.

First Love

Congratulate our hostess with the most-est 

Denise Covey and her story

Marmalade Sunset!

along with regular WEP participant

Michael Di'Gesu and his story Oliver's Girl

for their winning stories

"Marmalade Sunset" by Denise Covey.

 What is his grandmother up to? A grandson wonders when she invites him to accompany her on a trip to Greece.

This moving love story is set on the beautiful island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea.


"Oliver's Girl" by Michael Di Gesu.

Will star-crossed sweethearts find a way back to each other?

Olivia spends an afternoon with her great-grandfather and learns some surprising things in this poignant and uplifting story.


Denise & Michael!


Denise here. Right from the start, WEP enthusiasts have been winners in the various anthologies. 

In the first, Parallels, Felix was here, we have L.G. Keltner (winning story) and Yolanda Renee from Team WEP.

In the second, Hero Lost, Olga Godim won a spot!

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Masquerade, the fourth edition, saw L.G. Keltner and Anstice Brown win places.

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Dark Matter, the sixth anthology, saw Olga Godim from Team WEP our sole representative.

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You can check out the IWSG Anthology website run by Tara Tyler HERE to check out all the anthologies. All available to buy.


And the fun continues in December 

Roberta Flack herself said about the song -  it's the kind of song that has two unique & distinct qualities: it tells a story, and has lyrics that mean something....Because of [its meaningful lyrics] the [song] can be interpreted by a lot of people in a lot of different ways: the love of a mother for a child, for example, or [that of] two lovers. 

And our most generous judge/editor for WEP is Nick Wilford. He asks for nothing, just does his job. How about wishing Nick well for his new release, Reckoning.


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  1. This is a much-anticipated challenge. Not that every challenge isn't anticipated, but it's always wonderful to see so many thrilling stories in October. Bring them on!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed Denise's and Michael's stories in the anthology. They were great!

    1. Thanks so much. Michael and I enjoyed writing them to a particular market.

  3. My heart goes out to Denise and her husband. Please send them both my very best wishes and bucketloads of hope when next you are in contact.

    1. I will, thank you. George is home, and she's his nurse and driver for many appointments. So there is little time for writing or computers. I know she appreciates all the best wishes and prayers.

    2. Thanks Sue. Your blood's worth bottling as you know we say in Oz. Thanks for your kind words and support. And a huge thanks for reading.

  4. Wishing Denise's husband a speedy recovery and all the best to her, as well! I'm skipping this month, but will try to read the entries, anyway. Such amazing writers you all are!

    1. Denise will love the best wishes, thank you. We will miss your talent but will love your input. Happy Halloween, Debbie!

    2. Thanks Debbie for your good wishes. Sorry you're not joining us this month - you'll not alone (maybe our writers don't go for creepy stories. Hopefully, everyone will climb back on board for the December challenge.

  5. Comment for Susan baury Rouchard's post. Akismet is the one place I can't post.
    I loved your crime thriller. Beautifully described and of course, the understudy and her beau were behind the kidnapping. But she wasn't rewarded for her treachery. Good one!

  6. I scheduled my post ahead of time and almost forgot to link it here. Glad to participate again. Great prompt. Thinking of Denise as she cares for her husband.

    1. Mary, I'm super pleased you remembered to link. Such a story in a few words. A huge talent.
      Thanks for your kind words. Things will slowly improve, I believe.

  7. Hilary posted days ago but her post wasn't linked. Please find her at number 5 and read her entertaining entry.

  8. Hi Denise - now I'm out of the loop completely ... first Denise - thanks for putting me up ... I forgot as busy doing do much and with so much going on in this little political land!

    But - much more important ... Denise - gosh I'm sorry to read about George - and so I do hope whatever happened (I'll catch that up soon) and be in touch properly ... take care, with thoughts and lots of hugs xoxo

  9. Hi Renee! I linked my story (though it's not horror in the "true" sense of the word)
    All the best to Denise and her hubby - and hope he has a speedy recovery!

    1. Michelle, I'm not sure if my comment on your story "took." I enjoyed the changes in perspective.

    2. I just checked, OO, and your comment wasn't there so good idea to put it here.


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