Sunday 1 August 2021

#WEP 2021 Continues the Artistic Inspiration- FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Sign up here


The link above opens for submissions on August 18th!


It's time for the fourth challenge of 2021, FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

We hope you're enjoying the Year of Art

Laura is the host for this month. All of our challenges this year have been blessed with enthusiastic participation and wonderful entries. We hope you will continue that with FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Given the importance of this topic, we have no doubt that you will all give us your best work.

So, this is how it goes. There will be a:
  • Shortlist created by the team and judged by Nick Wilford
  • Winners' post announcement which will once again include blurbs of all entries. Next challenge we will try something new re blurbs. WATCH THIS SPACE!
  • Winner's Guest post on topic of their choice
  • MailChimp to alert you to posts


WEP is continuing with the popular Critique Prize for the winner along with the regular Guest Post. Each challenge, a different editor/author will offer their unique prize. Check out the sidebar for our 2021 offerings. Have some work ready! And feel free to contact any of the authors/editors with an enquiry if you have a ms you'd like edited/proofread/critiqued.

The August Prize is a first chapter critique or a query/synopsis critique from Jemi Fraser. You may recall, Jemi is a much-awarded WEP winner, which gives her the editing chops that may very well help you improve!

Jemi Fraser writes romantic suspense filled with hope, heart, and humour. Her stories combine her love of mystery with the satisfaction of a Happy Ever After. Armed with a mug of tea and freshly baked cookies, Jemi is living out her own HEA in Northern Ontario. Love is always worth the risk!

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Jemi’s latest Bloo Moose Romance is Reaching For Family, available at most retailers. Number 8 in the series!

* Before we move on, we'd like to announce Jemi has joined the WEP team as an admin this month. She'll be assisting us in every area of operations. We're thankful that Jemi will take the time to interact with you all in the midst of her crazy writing and publishing schedule. As they say, ask a busy person. Welcome, Jemi!

You've got to be in it to win it!



The Scream by Edvard Munch was a shoo-in for October - this challenge is devoted to the horror genre in honour of the Halloween/Samhain/observances of the other world spirits. Go as creepy as you like. But other genres are welcome too, there’s no genre police here, except that non-negotiable no to erotica.

This is a world renowned artwork symbolising the horror and angst of the human condition. It has since its creation in 1893, become an iconic representation of modern life. Read about The Scream here.

Edvard Munch was a Norwegian born artist who split much of his working life between Berlin and Paris. Mental health issues ran in the family, so Munch had occasion so observe its effects from close proximity. He was much influenced by Impressionists and post-Impressionists such as van Gogh.

The prompt is wide open to interpretations - who will it be that screams? And why – in pain, terror or exultation?

Will it be a human scream that rends the air? Or an animal one?  Or a scream from another world altogether? Or will it be a cosmic scream of the planet?

A silent scream in colours, like the one Munch felt in a sunset sky above a fjord? Or an articulated one in sound and words? Just a gasp or piercingly loud? That’s up to you, we’ve got our ears cocked and ready listening for it.

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We are looking forward to seeing where this month's prompt takes you!
Your host for FREEDOM OF SPEECH--
Laura, for the WEP team.


  1. Another month of fabulous writing! Looking forward to reading your creative entries on what could be a sensitive topic. Don't be afraid. Write what is in your heart.

  2. I agree. At first I wasn't sure about this topic as it seemed too political. But I found a new way to look at it. One that's deeply affected me. So yes, I'm looking forward to the results. Trust your muse!

  3. And let's welcome Jemi to the team! Hip hip! Hooray!

  4. Wheeee!!! Glad to be here and part of the team! Looking forward to an amazing challenge!

  5. I'm skipping this one, since my only inspirations are likely to lead me down holes I don't want to go at the present. I may have to skip the Scream for the same reason. But I hope to get round and see what the rest of you have done. Good luck!

    1. We'll miss your entry, but I do hope you find new inspiration as you read the other entries.

  6. Neera (#10) has a problem. She didn't enter the WEP challenge. Her link points to the first entry on her blog (of 2019), nothing to do with WEP. She is soliciting readers, not participating in the challenge.

  7. Dear Denise, Olga, Hilary, Sonia and C.Lee. Just to let everyone know that my editing problem has been fixed. Sorry not at home so difficulty transferring writer document onto blogger without my computer…. Thank you all for visiting and letting me know.

  8. My apologies for the late appearance of Post IV in this year’s WEP/IWSG challenge. My first Covid-19 vaccine knocked me sideways and I’m still recovering – and dreading the second one.
    Welcome to the team, Jemi.

    1. Thanks, Roland! We were lucky with no vaccine side effects here. Hope you recover quickly!!

  9. I feel like I should throw a content warning here.

    I used Freedom of Speech not as words in the poem, but as my own freedom of speech by writing an angry poem about Covid.

    1. Definitely a lot to be angry about Jamie. And what a passionate poem it is.

  10. So sorry, my BLOG will not allow comments and the hot lines can‘t seem to fix it. I spent about 6 hours on the phone to them yesterday, but no solution yet! So I am sat here thinking the worst as my take on the prompt was pretty daring and I‘m just hoping that no one was offended.
    On the good side I was able to read and comment on almost all the other entries and just want to congratulate everyone on the incredibly high standard of creativity.

    1. Yeah, I can't comment on your blog. But I thought you did a really great job.


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