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Monday, 15 July 2019

#WEPff Winner Pat Hatt Talks About the New

Hi! L.G. here!

The WEP team would love to offer Pat Hatt a hearty congratulations for winning the WEP/IWSG June Challenge, Caged Bird. We offer all winners a chance to write a guest post of their choosing. As you'll see, Pat has been here before.

STOP PRESS! WEP is coming up with more prizes which will be announced  in the August 1st post, but we're running with one of the new prizes for the winner of this challenge. As our current winner is such a funny guy, we thought we'd have some fun ourselves and trial it with him. So ... as well as writing a guest post for WEP if you win the challenge, you're invited to write a 200-word post for our partners, the IWSG.  You can look at it as twice the work or twice the fun and opportunities to be noticed.

To win, Pat wrote a philosophical flash about all the ways we humans willingly cage ourselves  through greed and the daily grind of civilized existence. Our judge Nick Wilford said:"This was unexpected - deep and thought-provoking, and I loved the twist of having the viewpoint from the caged bird. Bleak, but not without that Pat Hatt humour!"

Pat has written a fun guest post about the new.

Third Time’s The…New!

Geez, one might say the WEP runners (can you run without running?) are trying to trip me up by making me post a third time. Yeah, they are making me. They showed up on my doorstep with a pull my finger gun. How rude. Thinking I can’t post about something new for a third time.

Was that meant to inspire me? Oh, did that. Was it meant for me to give advice? Whoops! Did that too. Maybe I should call it a day and say 140 characters was my limit. That still counts as new, right? Why would one call a day anything but a day? That makes little sense, huh? Much like my rambling at the moment. Moment’s past though. Your brain is now safe. Or maybe not.

Did you catch where I am going yet? No? Put that ball glove on, or maybe an oven mitt if you don’t have one, and stick your hand up. You will.

New! It’s the latest thing from the 1800s, or before. I’m too lazy to look it up. If dinosaurs could talk there would be way too many zeroes at the end anyway. Who needs that math?

People strive for it. People go for it. People try to fix what works and not what doesn’t. All for the sake of new. The latter they may call new and improved, which isn’t a real thing. It can’t be new and improved. It is either new or it is improved. But the cat has done that. No repeats.

And guess what? All that work on new and you are missing out on the true new. But how can you be missing out if you are writing something that is new? Easy. You are striving too hard to be new when anything and everything can be compared to something before it. Even if you invented teleportation, which would be amazing, it is still travel. A new way of travel, but it is still travel. Everything, no matter how extravagant, can be boiled back to what has been. I even kind of repeated myself but in a new way. Get it yet? No? Let’s follow the yellow brick font. Or black font. Close enough.

You are the new. Yep. You can be brand spanking new. (PSA – Do not spank. You could go to jail.) Well things aren’t new in general; you can make them new. Each of us can be set in our ways, our mindset, etc. But when you look at something through another perspective, think of how to do things ten ways instead of one, or just look at the words you type and make fun of them, you open your mind up to a new way of thinking. This could also bring on new avenues to write.

How was that for new? Did I make any more sense then the first two times? No? Crap. Maybe I should stick to thinking like a bird in a cage.


Thanks Pat! You have inspired us with the 'new'!

So join us here at WEP (Write...Edit...Publish). Write lots. Improve. Be kind above all else. It’s the path that matters.

If you'd like to write for us here at WEP , you are most welcome. We are open to flash fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photo essays, art...

Our August prompt is Red Wheelbarrow. That should bring forth some interesting entries. Lots of possibilities to explore!

Come back on August 1st ready to put your thinking caps on! You'll have time to gather your ideas for posting between August 21 - 23.

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#WEPFF June Challenge winner writes of new! @DeniseCCovey @theIWSG https://writeeditpublishnow.blogspot.com/2019/07/wepff-winner-pat-hatt-talks-about-new.html #amwriting #flashfiction

A WEP Guest post by Pat Hatt – New @DeniseCCovey @theIWSG https://writeeditpublishnow.blogspot.com/2019/07/wepff-winner-pat-hatt-talks-about-new.html #WEPFF


  1. As always Pat's post is thought provoking AND fun.

  2. The mind is the most constricting cage - brilliant entries from Pat for the challenge and the guest post.

  3. Didn't we love your Freedom flash for CAGED BIRD, Pat. So good. And it leads to this - having to come up with something 'new' for your third guest post. Well done. As 'they' say, there are only 7 stories in the world and every story we read/write is a variation of those stories. Which is where my mind went when reading this. We strive to be 'new', but we're only 'fresh' LOL.

  4. Yeah, fresh is a much better word for it. Unless the fresh stinks, then maybe not so much lol

  5. This was such a breath of fresh air. I feel like I've learnt something. Thank you.

  6. It just goes to show that there is nothing new under sun. What we think we've created was already there. Enjoyed your article and once again Congrats to your win.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G

  7. What's new is our spin on it. Except nobody try for New Coke again, okay?

  8. Your posts are always so thoughtful and fun! There may be nothing new under the sun, but you're so good at creating stories that feel new thanks to your unique voice and perspective.

    1. Or maybe I'm just crazy enough to make them seem new lol

  9. Pat's posts always make me smile and think - a great combination!
    Now off to write something new ... or fresh ... or something :)

  10. New doesn't really exist, then. What we have is new (or improved) twists on old ideas, yes? Good point!

  11. Congrats Pat!
    You and the cat
    Did great with this writing
    It was a delight to read this sighting


  12. Now I get it, but I typically think like a bird in a cage--or a bird somewhere.


  13. Congrats Pat! You are back in view with the new, but is anything really new? I smiled through this as your mind ventures into the

  14. Congrats Pat
    Wearing a new hat
    Something's new
    Great for a view
    Will now continue
    To follow what's due


    1. Whatever comes due
      Fun through and through

  15. New is cool like a wheelbarrow in a cage? Or a Sparklesaur solving cold cases? No, new is a Pat Hatt teaser. Or will the past win through like Billy Liar's blot showing through?

  16. I've heard many 'industry professionals' say there are no new stories, only new ways to tell them. Your advice is great as usual.

    1. Great advice from the industry professionals too, kinda lifts a weight off people and just lets them write.

  17. Pat Garcia took the words right out of my mouth. (Or maybe I should say fingers...?) But I'm gonna say (type?) them, anyway: there IS no thing new under the sun. We just come up with creative variations on the tried and true. And you, Pat, are the king of clever creativity. Congrats on the win!

  18. Way to go, Pat! Thought-provoking as always! And double (or triple!!!) the fun!!!

  19. Well done, Pat! Both your winning flash post and your spin on new.
    One of the latest things from the 1800s was a choo choo!

    I'm too tired to go to bed, so on the 1800s' latest things I have read:
    batteries, steam engines, cameras, patented cement (New is old, because the Romans used it), typewriters, braille, refrigerators (beats burying food in the ground to preserve it), Morse Code, bicycles, antiseptics, anesthesia for dental work, pasteurization, dynamite, telephones. moving pictures, Coca Cola (the old kind!), the first four-wheeled vehicle with an engine, electricity, zippers, plastics, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, and rollercoasters.
    Now I am going to bed, because I am definitely braindead!

    1. haha wow that is a bunch indeed you knew. Zippers sure are grand, but think electricity beats them.

  20. Congratulations Pat. I look forward to ready the new and improved Pat.

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