Tuesday, 14 July 2015

WEP challenges for 2015. Why we believe in WEP.

Hello there!

Denise here. It's taken awhile to get to our second post, but Yolanda has had edits of her third novel, and I've been travelling up and down New Caledonia. You can check out my trip here. Now Yolanda's edits are all but done and I'm back, so let's get down to the fun part of WEP.

We present to you our Challenge Badge for what remains of 2015. As you see there are only three. We don't want to wear you out, so we'll go slow. This way there's plenty of time for you to participate in other challenges you may be involved in, and of course, November is NaNoWriMo for most of us.

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So on August 19, we have our first challenge, Spectacular Settings. Very soon I will publish a post on settings as a prelude to our challenge. Meanwhile, think about some aspect of setting that comes to you. As you know, you are welcome to post flash fiction, non fiction, poetry, photographs, artwork...go for it, but try to keep under the 1,000 word limit. 

Our Halloween challenge, Youthful Frights Vs Adult Fears, will be posted early, so you can participate in other Halloween challenges if you wish. Yolanda is the horror Queen, so she has taken charge of this one! As well as a winner's badge, there will be an Amazon $10 gift card to the entry that catches our eye and disturbs our dreams!

The December challenge, Holiday Celebrations that are out of this world, will have a definite sci-fi flavour, so that will be an excellent way for those of us who don't write in this genre to think outside the square. It will be fun!

For further information on all three challenges, click on the page above. 

Now as mentioned in our previous post, there will be judges for each challenge, and we will return to the RFW (RomanticFridayWriters) idea of choosing a WINNER,  a RUNNER UP, and an ENCOURAGEMENT AWARD for each challenge. A guest judge will read through our 3 choices, then decide on the winning order. There will also be a wrap up of each entry.


Can't you just see your name and a link to your story on one of these?


So in case you're wondering, why do we feel so passionately about running an online writing challenge group? Let's try to put our passion into words...

Writing prompts are designed to help us start writing. And I don't just mean fiction. You may be a poet, a creative non fiction writer, an essayist. It doesn't matter. Sure, most who accept the WEP challenge write either flash fiction or poetry, but all writing is creative. Many creative writers use prompts every day to get into the writing groove. Some call these exercises free writing. Once they've jump-started their writing, they often move on to their WIP, energised and refreshed. 

Not that anyone here suffers from writer's block, but just say you did, a writing prompt can hasten the return of your muse. Sometimes when nothing else works, a writing exercise will! 

The best part of writing challenges such as we host here at WEP, is that your entry could be edited, rewritten, transformed into a longer piece, a short story, or even a novel. Many of us have had this experience. And it all started with a writing challenge, a very powerful tool.

Often someone leaves a comment about how we have improved as a writer with each challenge. It's true. We learn our craft by writing to prompts and editing for clarity and a word limit. Sentence structure, paragraphing, punctuation, grammar, dialogue...all can be improved in this little writer's laboratory. 

Hi folks, Yolanda here. Are those badges awesome or what? Kudos to Denise. She out-did herself with those! As a collector of old typewriters, that Winner's badge is way too cool!

Just popping in to say Hi! and let you and Denise know that first edits are done, so my attention is back on WEP. And to reiterate Denise--I know first hand that participating in Flash Fiction challenges are an excellent way of honing our writing skills. When you have to write a story with a beginning, middle and ending in only 1,000 words, well, it's called a challenge for a reason. Cutting, tightening, and rewriting until only the meat of the story remains, is a skill your editors will appreciate.

Please join us. We promise to make the journey informative, rewarding and fun!

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  1. Hi Denise and Yolanda,

    Good to see you guys back again! I have always felt a special connect with WEP right from the first challenge I did :) Completely love the badges too, esp the typewriter one!!

    I'll be travelling during that week in August, not that it will stop me from participating, not if I can help it.

    Thanks for reviving and hosting my favourite bloghop :)

    Best always.

    1. Hy Nila, so wonderful to be getting it off the ground again and having such a positive response. I so love that typewriter too, I have a very old one that will someday take precedence in my writing room, the room with bookshelves to the ceiling, first editions... sorry got carried away in my fantasy... We'll post more about the August Spectacular Setting soon.

  2. Thanks to you ladies, I plan to ease back into my writing mode via WEP. I like old typewriters, of course - I did my first tentative writing on my grandmother's, but the stairway to the stars and the striving in the last badge are perfect, too. Great, Denise! I will have to start musing on the August prompt now, as we move abodes in about a week. . .
    KUDOS to both of you, Denise and Yolanda, for bringing WEP back to life -something I was hoping for- and btw, those flash pieces I did before get ongoing traffic since I highlight them in my sidebar. This is indeed an worthy challenge!

    1. Hey D.G. - Denise is a genius when it comes to designing the badges, so creative. Flash Fiction is also the most popular on my blog too, plus they are so much fun to write. Denise is right, longer stories sometimes result from the work, very inspiring. More to come on the Spectacular Settings Challange, soon! Thanks for your continued support and it feels awesome that the WEP has already inspired you to get back into the swing! :)

  3. Ooh.
    I am a reader rather than a writer, but sometimes play with a much smaller writing prompt 'Words for Wednesday'.
    Love this premise and will read contributions with glee. Thank you.

    1. Lovely of you to visit! I hope you are inspired by what you see here! Glad you already enjoy small writing prompts! :-)

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