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Welcome to the third Challenge of 2021, GREAT WAVE!

We hope you're enjoying the Year of Art

Renee and Denise are your hosts this month. All of us at WEP are hoping to see a repeat of the robust challenge overflowing with creativity and inspiration that was FREEDOM MORNING. The world is still reeling from the events of the past year, but we hope all of you are finding joy in your lives despite the ever-present Covid-19 which just won't let go!

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WEP is continuing with the popular Critique Prize for the winner along with the regular Guest Post. Each challenge, a different editor/author will offer their unique prize. Check out the sidebar for our 2021 offerings. Have some work ready! And feel free to contact any of the authors/editors with an enquiry if you have a ms you'd like edited/proofread/critiqued.

The June Prize is a first chapter critique from our IWSG liaison and multi-published author, C Lee McKenzie!

C. Lee McKenzie, Author

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It’s all about what’s real and happening in C. Lee McKenzie’s novels. Her young adult- crossover books take on modern issues everyone faces in their daily lives. Her story about illiteracy, Double Negative, was voted as one of the best top ten Young Adult books in 2019. Her other books, The Princess of Las Pulgas, Sudden Secrets and Not Guilty are out to four and five star reviews.

She’s a traveler, someone who loves to eat her garden-grown produce and has never met a dog or cat she can resist. 

Join Lee on her social media:

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Norman Rockwell was an American artist and illustrator, widely known for his illustrations for the Saturday Evening Post. This particular artwork – The Freedom of Speech, was created as a part of a series called The Four Freedoms based on a wartime speech given by FDR. The painting depicts a young, working class man standing up and expounding his ideas to a group of older, white-collar men. It was inspired by Rockwell’s visit to a town meeting where a man rose to voice an unpopular view. Read more about the Four Freedoms and explore Norman’s other works here.

This prompt has rich possibilities. Particularly topical as authorities have veered towards authoritarianism and people across the world have exploded in unrest. 

Books have been banned and burnt, film shows have been mobbed by fundamentalists, newspapers/editors have been gagged, cartoonists have been shot dead, journalists and activists jailed or killed for trying to voice ideas, question authority and inform the public. Controversies on the role of social media and internet have further muddied the waters.

On the other hand, there have been fearless voices rising and speaking out. From celebrities like Meryl Streep and Greta Thunberg to lesser known but equally important local citizens and activists 

But, just as the young man in Norman’s immortal work, your interpretation need not have the huge sweep or weight of world affairs.

It can equally be a small town teenager speaking up against a bully, a young woman rising to defend a project idea to her employer, a marginalised community representative finding a spot on the local radio station.

Even a writer fighting a proposed cut by their editors - yes, you can go meta!  ‘A million ways to be, you know that there are!’ :)

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We are looking forward to seeing where this month's prompt takes you!
Your hosts for GREAT WAVE --
Renee and Denise, for the WEP team.


  1. Hopefully life (and my mind and body) will settle enough to allow me to read more of the offerings this time round. I have missed it so much on earlier challenges this year.

    1. And we miss you, Sue. Wishing you all the best for your health. The entries last time (Freedom Morning) were super and I expect no less for the Great Wave. Hope you can join us as much as you are able.

  2. And we're up and running! Get those entries posted!

  3. Thank you to my guardian angel for signing my post up!

  4. I've visited half (8 - 14) and shared everyone's stories on this week's Roost Recommendations post. Will be back later for the other half and check for any additional stories until the 19th.

    1. Thank you, spreading the word is vital. We've got several new participants, and the writing is beyond expectation!

    2. I've now finished 1-14 and should be able to finish visiting the rest over the weekend.

    3. Thanks so much for Readers' Roost and the work that you put into it. A great way to help spread the word. Much appreciated.


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