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Denise Covey

If you've clicked on my name, chances are you have some interest in finding out a little about me. I hail from the beaches of Australia where I find constant inspiration to write. Any further queries, email me at den.covey@gmail.com

At the water lilies, Monet's Garden, 2010
I write contemporary women's fiction in various forms -- flash fiction, short stories and novels. I also publish travel articles in Australian magazines.

I love to blog and have more than one. Denise Covey, Cafe Writer is where I do my writerly thing, posting at least once a week. There you will find links to my other blogs. This is where I post my Write...Edit...Publish flash fiction and other writing-related posts. 

I am a Francophile, so my stories and travel articles are flavoured with Paris and France.  At my PichetsInParis blog you'll find irregular updates of photos of my France travels.. I also have a much-neglected travel blog - L'Aussies Travel Blog.

Romantic Friday Writers was my brainchild, which I birthed with Francine Howarth in 2011, and later co-hosted with Donna Hole. Now RFW has morphed into this new venture, Write...Edit...Publish, where the genres have opened up to be more inclusive. Like RFW, I wish to see creative people helping each other in a supportive environment. 

After a hiatus, WEP began again in partnership with author/blogger Yolanda Renee.


I am an enthusiastic participant in each November's NaNoWriMo, and as a result I have four novels in the edit phase and I adore my strong female main characters – the first a young French girl following her dreams (set in Australia and Antarctica and exploring the issue of whale slaughter) and the second a survivor with attitude (set on Nantucket Island, MASS.) My third NaNoWriMo novel is set in Afghanistan and needs a ton of work. My effort for NaNo in 2012 was Fijian Princess, a Harlequin-esque novel set in Fiji where I spent 6 weeks in August 2012. I am currently working on rewrites for Fijian Princess while in first draft of a novel set in Paris -- full of friendship, love, food and Paris.

I love writing short stories with strong female protagonists. I have had some published in Australian Fast Fiction magazine. One day I wish to collate a self published anthology/study guide of flash fiction, followed by a book of short stories, beginning a themed series set in the various countries I have been fortunate enough to travel to.

I travel a lot, and use these experiences to interweave plots and settings for my novels, short stories and flash fiction. I have published travel articles in Australian travel magazines like On The Road. I plan to write a travel memoir one day, one full of the humourous side of travelling.

My last overseas adventure was in December/January 2013/14 - Amsterdam, Paris, Spain, Portugal, Morocco. I call it novel research and will collect a collage of souvenirs and journal entries and speak to as many locals as I can.

My next trip is in June/July 2015 where I travel to New Caledonia with the view to writing several travel stories. 

Thanks for reading. I'd love to hear from you.

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