Tuesday 12 July 2022

#WEP June 2022 Challenge Winner Lenny Lee' on Pleonasms

Hi, it's Nila again. 

Lenny Lee won the June 2022 Challenge with his heartfelt, real-life entry Dear Mom. 

Here he shares a few things about pleonasms and how to get rid of them. 


Is your writing a victim of pleonasms?  Pleonasms, aka redundancies, are words and/or phrases that are not necessary and add nothing to the story. They slow action and add to word count. Once aware of these pesky pleonasms, you’ll find them everywhere, even in the works of well-known authors.

These intruders sneak onto the page and unless found and deleted or altered take up space. Finding and fixing them takes time and a keen eye. The results are worth the effort.

Here are some examples of pleonasms with suggested edits.  Can you spot the redundancies?

1.   Hillary won a free gift of cash money.     

Edit: Hillary won some money. Even better, Hillary won a million dollars! (Free and gift are the same. Cash and money are the same.)


2.   I saw the evil crow with my own eyes and heard him caw with my own ears. 

    Edit: I saw the evil crow and heard him caw.  (Whose eyes and ears are they but mine? Lol)


3.   Sharon ordered a tuna fish hoagie sandwich.

Edit: Sharon ordered a tuna hoagie. (Tuna is a fish. Delete fish.  A hoagie is a sandwich. Delete sandwich.)


4.   After he kissed her, she said, “It’s déjà vu all over again.”

Edit: After he kissed her, she said, “It’s déjà vu.” (All over again is the same as déjà vu.)


Here are a couple of not so obvious redundancies: Can you spot them? 

1.   He entered his PIN number on the ATM machine.

Edit: He entered his PIN on the ATM. (In the acronym PIN, the N stands for number and in ATM, the M stands for machine.)


2.   The invitation read please R.S.V.P.

     Edit: The invitation read R.S.V.P. (the P in RSVP is French for please.)       

While putting our thoughts on paper, it’s easy to overlook redundancies and let them slip onto the page. Whether you find these bugs while writing or when editing, it’s important to squash them. Readers don’t like a lot of unnecessary words. They want the story to keep moving without being distracted.

 Here’s a link to a website that provides pleonasm quizzes with suggested edits. https://kathysteinemann.com/Musings/?s=quizzes&submit=Search  The link will take you to a Master List of Redundancy Quizzes for Writers. It’s fun to test yourself. Also, this site is full of useful information. It’s listed as one of the 100 best websites for writers.

 Once you track down those pesky pleonasms, you’ll be surprised how many have taken up residence in your writing.  Editing them will reduce word count, stir action, and improve your MS/WIP.

Happy writing!


I’m Lenny. I live in the peach state north of the Chattahoochee River (USA). I’m a freshman at the University of Georgia. I write poetry, short stories, chapter books, and I’ve begun my first novel. My biggest writing achievement was winning the WEP June 2022 challenge. I’m an animal lover, sports fan, gamer and junk food addict. You can find me on my blog - Lenny's World.


Thank you Lenny Lee for the tips and congratulations once again for your winning entry! 

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