Saturday 1 June 2019


Changes in WEP


This is an update to tell you that WEP is pushing back on the changes made this month. Denise, and many of you, were unhappy with some changes, especially the People's Choice voting system. We'll fill you in on more news later, but for now just wanted to let you know we're going back to a professional judge and retaining the WINNER, RUNNER UP, ENCOURAGEMENT AWARD and BEST COMMENTER. And the Amazon Gift Card is coming out of retirement along with Denise. 

As any living entity, WEP is changing and growing. Today we introduce several of those changes.

Our founder and long-time host, Denise Covey, is stepping down. It might be a temporary arrangement, or it might be permanent, but for now, she is going to concentrate on her own writing, and we three – L.G., Nila, and Olga – are going to pick up where she left off. From now on, L.G. will be the official host of WEP. We want to thank Denise for all she has done for WEP and hope to see her name here, as a participating writer, for many challenges to come. WEP would not be what it is today without her hard work and dedication.

We would like to give our participating writers more power and flexibility. One of the ways to accomplish that is to dispense with the DLs in the links. From now on, please sign up on the list only when you already posted your story, with the real link to it. We won’t touch the list entries anymore. We’ll assume if you signed up, it means the story is ready for reading. To reflect that, we’re changing the posting date on the badges as well. You can post your story from the moment this post goes live to the day of the deadline, which is always the third Wednesday of the month of the challenge.

Another way to empower our participating writers is to give them a voice to choose the best. We’re not going to select winners ourselves anymore. Instead, we’re retiring the Amazon gift card and all our old winning badges. Those badges will be replaced by one (and only one) new winning badge – People’s Choice.

Read the stories. See which one you like best, and let Olga know your choice, either in the comments, or, if you want more anonymity, in an email. Voting will be open for one full week after the challenge comes to a close. For the June Challenge, voting will close on Wednesday, June 26th. After that time, Olga will compile your votes. The story with the most votes will be the winner, but we are only giving the voting powers to the participating writers. Nobody else can vote: no friends or relatives, folks.

Now, without further ado, here is the new challenge for June 2019: Caged Bird.


The topic of a caged bird has many possible interpretations, both literal and metaphorical. Choose one and write the best flash story you can in 1000 words or less. Or maybe create a photo essay about your favorite canary. Or a non-fiction story about captivity and its psychological impact. Whatever you choose, we want to read it.

1. CREATE your entry for the JUNE challenge – CAGED BIRD.

2. EDIT your entry, making sure 'WEP' is in the TITLE
3. PUBLISH your entry onto your BLOG or FACEBOOK page by the date shown - state feedback preferences
4. SUBMIT your name to the list below when your entry is live
5. READ other entries, giving feedback as requested
6. SHARE THE CHALLENGE on social media.
ALL GENRES WELCOME except erotica - 1,000 words maximum
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