WEP was started by Denise Covey more than ten years ago and has gone through several different iterations. Both Renee and I, Nila, have been part of WEP from the beginning, first as participants and then as co-hosts and prompt ideators respectively. This core group expanded to six to include Laura, Olga (badges) and most recently Jemi, each co-host bringing to the table their own set of unique talents and perspectives, going on to create the close knit community of supportive writers that is the WEP group today. Laura is on leave of absence, and Sonia Dogra has been welcomed onto the team at the beginning of 2023.

Denise’s has been the guiding hand as well as the major legwork that is required to keep WEP shipshape and running. She has singlehandedly made this space massively enjoyable, deeply instructive and yet, safe and intimate. She has found ways to keep going through  every crisis small and big, even during the pandemic. Kudos to her for her unfaltering vision and dedication to purpose.

Denise’s husband was in an accident in October 2022 and fractured his spine. He is getting better, but healing from a spinal injury is a long haul process and Denise will need to support his recovery for the immediate future. 

Denise Covey is an Australian writer of novels, both contemporary - set in Paris, and paranormal - set in Italy and France. She loves to write flash fiction and short stories with romantic elements. She reads a lot, travels a lot and writes travel articles in her 'spare' time. Her role as an educator of senior school allows her to indulge her love of the classics and keep her editing skills honed.

Yolanda Renée, the author of the Detective Quaid Mysteries, writes in multiple genres and loves flash fiction.  Learn more at www.yolandarenee.com or at Defending the Pen.

Nilanjana is a bi-lingual writer, blogger and market researcher. She specialises particularly in poetry, panic and tinkering with bucket lists. Find her online at Madly-in-Verse.

Olga Godim is a Canadian speculative fiction writer. When she doesn't write fiction, she works as a journalist, designs book covers, and collects toy monkeys. There are over 300 monkeys in her collection.

Laura is currently taking a leave of absence.

L.G. Keltner primarily writes science fiction stories for kids and young adults, though she'll tackle any genre if the right idea comes along. When she's not writing, she's reading, gazing at the stars, or trying to keep her kids out of trouble.

Jemi Fraser writes romantic suspense filled with hope, heart, and humour. Her stories combine her love of mystery with the satisfaction of a Happy Ever After. Love is always worth the risk.

 Jemi also writes about the way dementia has impacted her family. Love and humour go a long way to help everyone cope with the disease.

Sonia is an accidental poet and short story writer based in Delhi. Her writings have appeared and are forthcoming in The Kali ProjectWrite in PowerAmity, Kitaab, Tell Me Your Story, Recipe for a Perfect Marriage, A Body of Memories, The Hooghly Review Flash Flood Journal among others. An ex-educator, copyeditor and nature enthusiast, she dreams of owning a book café in the hills. She can be followed on A Hundred Quills (https://soniadogra.com).

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