Wednesday 13 May 2020

Some #Quarantine Time with J Lenni Dorner - April WEP winner of ANTIQUE VASE

Welcome friends, to a rather different type of guest post by J Lenni Dorner, winner of the April 2020 Challenge - Lenape Antique Vase. He gives us a glimpse into the mind/life of a very busy writer combined with the challenges of Covid-19 living.

I warn you, you have to concentrate...

  • the green text is J Lenni's spouse speaking to him. 
  • Orange text are his replies to someone. 
  • Blue and purple text were other friends speaking. 

Got it? 


 J Lenni, please take it away...

A glimpse at my last few weeks:

What would be a good theme for my blog in April for the challenge? The AtoZ blog? Operation Awesome Team picked writing motivation. Doing the Self Isolation Author Interview from Michael Baker.

"Raring, what if we run out of food?"
(Raring means dear.) I won't let you starve, Snookums. Hunting, fishing, foraging, we'll be fine. 
"I need another cookbook." 
My spouse can cook. I have scrounged.

Theme for AtoZ team- 2020 visions of blogging. Must write my OA posts. And the posts for my blog.

Reading books to review in April.

"Our friend thinks he has coronavirus. He has a fever and has been sick."
We can't bring soup. 

Writing posts. Visiting my usual 40 blogs. Scheduling tweets. How shall I split up this story for my blog?

"I'm leaving the Operation Awesome Team after April."
Add 'replace team member' to my list.

"When will stores reopen? I was going to get new sneakers."
I'll make moccasins if it comes to it. 

Day One of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. I have six fires to put out. If I weren't out of work because of the pandemic, I'd quit all blogging and social media right now.

#quote on image from @JLenniDorner Socialize online with compassion, kindness and grace
"Hey! Do you know your Wordpress comments still link to your old blog?" 😳
Must fix that. I need to write my WEP entry.  I want it to be about a Lenni-Lenape vase. WriteClub? No idea. I'll split my tribal story into parts, I'll ask the audience if they want more posts or a book.

"(Nurse friend) was attacked."
I can't take her flowers or a card. 

Visiting blogs.

"Have you seen these news articles? Native American tribes without access to decent water."
Reservation, not PReservation. 😑 Adding feelings to my blog post.

I know how I want to write my WEP story now.

"We have to go to the store." 
🧻The toilet paper my cousin likes. Dropped off as an anniversary gift, along with sweets. 🍬

A friend published a book on Smashwords. Set your own price, including free? I should do that! I need to design a cover and format.

Lumber Of The Kuweakunks

"(Nurse friend) has developed a fever."

Operation Awesome, images become ⛔. Fix that. Post on Scrivener? I'll write a counterpoint.

@JLenniDorner #AtoZChallenge poster 2020
"Are we seeing your family in May?"
No. Doesn't look like it.

WriteClub, I'm just voting this year. I'm halfway through the #AtoZChallenge list. Visited all WEP blogs. Operation Awesome prep for Pass or Pages query contest. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’˜πŸ“š

"#QuarantinePets. We need a dog!"
No, a cat.

Sign up for Bout of Books and SavvyReadathon. Jeremy made a digital poster for AtoZ participants.

"(Nurse friend) has coronavirus."

I won the WEP challenge! 🀩 I've visited every #AtoZChallenge blog. 😎 I published. 😊 I'm sitting on my hair. πŸ˜„
@JLenniDorner author images

J Lenni Dorner~ Co-host of the #AtoZchallenge, Debut Author Interviewer at Operation Awesome, Reference& Speculative Fiction Author

Thank you J Lenni,

As we all face the challenges of writing and isolation our world has changed and continues to change dramatically. Please share your days, your concerns, or your solutions in your comments. We'd love to hear from you! How are you doing?

Another alternative to our changing world is, at least for us writers, the opportunity to put into words our frustrations, fears, and solutions in a story. 

Please consider using the next challenge prompt "Urban Nightmare"! Don't forget to check out some ideas on the 2020 Challenges Page.

Look for the announcement on June 1st. 
Post your link on June 17th.

A city where the trees are pulling up their roots, bunching them over their branches like old fashioned women's skirts and trudging away to greener pastures.

A city under the haze of volcanic ash where no birds, no airplanes can land, no living creature can breathe.

The underground city within a city where fatbergs and noxious fumes create a deathly trap for your characters.

A concrete jungle where the walls close in and collapse every morning and everyone must wait for the night to be alive again. 

Tell us, what your urban nightmare is...

Please tweet!

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 Please, everyone, feel free to share how you're feeling. It is a trying time! WEP is a safe place. We welcome your input! Do you have any well-being hints? 
Here's an interesting link to a blog of helpful information on COVID-19: