WEP Editor Guidelines

Write…Edit…Publish (WEP) is a positive online writing community where creative people submit to a writing prompt every second month. All genres are welcome except erotica. We want all posts to reflect support and encouragement. An offer to edit the winning entry shows support and encouragement and we thank you.

For editor intro, please include:

- a short bio, up to and not exceeding 60 words. Include author image
- maximum 10 links to your social media
- image of your latest book (no erotica, please)

Complete submission will be no longer than 100 words.


- Book blurbs
- More than 2 images in jpg

If you know how to send your copy using HTML, please do so. Otherwise, a Word file is fine.

Please send your copy so it is ready to go live on the first of the month where you have offered an editing prize. The WEP team members will edit to length if necessary.

Send your copy to Denise Covey - She will on-send to the WEP team member in charge of posting for the month.

Here are examples of two previous editors' posts for the blog:

First, we have the CRITIQUE prize for the WINNER. This month  Lynda Dietz at Easy Reader and Editing who offers the winner a 10,000 word (about a 3-chapter) critique. (Wouldn't I love to win this prize!)

Lynda has been fascinated with the written word since her earliest years of reading the back of the cereal box at the breakfast table. She’s now a copyeditor who works with authors in a variety of genres, both in fiction and nonfiction. She’s had a blog since 2013, where she encourages writers with advice and a healthy dose of silliness.

Easy Reader Editing Blog





In January 2020, multi-published author J.L. Campbell is offering a 3-chapter critique prize to the winner. If you're the winner and have no WIP, you have the option of passing it on or asking for a critique of a short story or flash. 

Best-selling author J.L. Campbell is an award-winning writer who started writing seriously in 2004. After having three novels contracted by small publishers in 2010, Campbell opted to self-publish two collections of Jamaican-themed short stories in 2011.

Campbell is an editor and workshop presenter who writes contemporary romance, romantic suspense, women's fiction, new and young adult novels and is the author of over thirty books. 

Her Amazon author page is here. Her Book Bub is here.


Joy's latest title on AMAZON in collaboration with USA Today Bestselling authors.

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