Sunday 27 June 2021

Winners of the #WEP #GREATWAVE Challenge JUNE 2021

Hi everyone! Thank you for participating in the WEP June challenge GREAT WAVE. The entries were even more stunning than usual and this is reflected in the number of winners! 

We're always impressed by the talent and creativity in this community. Choosing the winners was no easy task as we had a shortlist of over a dozen to whittle down for our judge Nick Wilford to place in a semblance of order. 

In the spirit of keeping it lite, there will be no blurbs again this month. If you still haven't read the entries (and we really think you should!), follow this link to GREAT WAVE!

Choosing a shortlist is always tricky. After a lot of thought and debate, we chose the following short list and sent it on to our judge, Nick Wilford. The competition was fierce and the entries diverse. Here is the list we sent Nick.

Jemima Pett
Jemi Fraser
Pat Garcia
Steph Wolmarans
Dixie Jo Jarchow
Carole Stolz
Sally Stackhouse
Rebecca Douglass

All of the above contributed stellar entries, but alas, we have to choose!

Earlier lists also had Michael di Gesu (welcome back Michael!), Roland R. Clarke and C.J. Austin.

There were many newbies this challenge. We welcomed Pennie Nichols, Jackie Begue, C. J. Austin, Lenny Lee and Charlotte (Mother Owl) - I hope I'm not getting my Owls mixed up? The quality was so outstanding, we award not one, not two, but three BRILLIANT DEBUT badges crafted by our very artistic team member, Olga Godim, for these talented ladies. 

Who can forget this artistic rendering of The Wave in cold wax and oil? Beautiful.

Thank you Jackie. Please post your BRILLIANT DEBUT badge on your blog with an explanation/link to your story. Even though WEP encourages artworks accompanied by an essay, we do not receive many entries along these lines, which is why Jackie's entry was so unique and eye-catching.

Another brilliant first entry to WEP. Under the Wave explored the history of the original painting, Great Wave, especially in regards to Japanese wood block prints. Anne, we at WEP hope you'll display your BRILLIANT DEBUT badge with pride.

Pennie's entry was surely a BRILLIANT DEBUT. It created much discussion amongst the WEP team members. How could we not be profoundly moved by the Great Wave Metaphor - an emotional rendering of the effects of alzheimers on loved ones? Our resident poet, Nilanjana Bose, gave it two thumbs up!

Pennie, please proudly display your badge on your blog with a link, so many others can share in your heartfelt words.

Many thanks to the Ornery Owl who added WEP entries to her reader's list. If you haven't popped by, do, and follow some of the links. Please follow Ornery. HERE is the link. She has written short blurbs for each entry!

Thank you to all who commented. Respectful, constructive, and thoughtful comments are vital to the success of WEP.  I remind writers to state the level of critique you desire. And readers, keep your comments to the point and never be disrespectful. 

The winner of each challenge gets the opportunity to receive a critique prize. They also get the opportunity to write a guest post for WEP. Our sidebar proudly displays everyone who is offering critique prizes for 2021. You are welcome to contact any of the editors with a request for work. 

This month's critique prize is brought to us by the wonderful C Lee McKenzie. She's generously offering a first chapter critique to the winner. Thank you, Lee!



Congratulations, Steph, for your entry, Storm of the Water Dragon.

Nick wrote: "Very imaginative and otherwordly. Impressive worldbuilding in this short piece."

Steph, please post your badge on your blog and link the badge to your winning entry. Enjoy the critique prize or pass it on to the runner up if you have no body of work ready. We eagerly await your Guest Post on a topic of your choice!



Congratulations, Kalpana, for your entry, The Great Wave

Nick wrote: "Nice and lighthearted tone, riding the waves equated to going out on a limb in a relationship."
Kalpana, please link the badge to your entry and post it on your blog. Congratulations!



Congratulations, Jemi, for your stunning entry, 
Red or Green?

Nick wrote: "A bit of light relief and nice adrenaline shot. A fun slice of action."

Jemi, please link the badge to your story,  and post it on your blog.


Choosing winners in a writing competition is so subjective. What draws us to some stories more than others? Personal choice. This month, 4 of the team members were completely blown away by a different story to those Nick chose and we couldn't see this writer overlooked. We don't do this very often, so, Pat Garcia, we have awarded you a Team's Choice badge.

Pat, congratulations! We thought aligning Noah's Ark and the Great Wave was inspired. We loved The Flood No One Thought Would Come. Please display your badge on your blog with a link to your story. 


Stay safe and keep writing, everyone! 

Please join us for the AUGUST challenge, which is just around the corner. That challenge brings us...FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Hope to see you there! Baffled about what to write? Check the CHALLENGES 2021 page.

This prompt has rich possibilities. Particularly topical as authorities have veered towards authoritarianism and people across the world have exploded in unrest.


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#WEPFF GREAT WAVE winners announced @DeniseCCovey @yolandarenee @LGKeltner @OlgaGodim #amwriting #flashfiction #wepwinners

Come congratulate our JUNE winners and #BrilliantDebuts. #WEPFF GREAT WAVE Challenge @DeniseCCovey @yolandarenee @OlgaGodim @LGKeltner #amwriting #flashfiction #wepwinners

The #WEPFF writers had some fantastic entries for GREAT WAVE! WEP winners announced! @DeniseCCovey @yolandarenee @OlgaGodim @LGKeltner #amwriting #flashfiction #wepwinners

Thank you for the writing excellence, WEP Winners GREAT WAVE! @LGKeltner @DeniseCCovey @yolandarenee @OlgaGodim #amwriting #flashfiction #wepwinners