Wednesday 31 January 2024



Hello fellow WEPpers and friends!

Welcome to 2024 and the inaugural WEP Get Together!

WEP has closed down, some say temporarily, but the team decided to keep in touch with each other and any of you who wish to meet each month and chat about your lives, or ask for help in publishing or anything, really. We learn from each other.

This is our inaugural meet and greet post and it may be a little shambolic until we fine tune. But we have to start somewhere.

The options for participation are - 

- create a blog post and send us the link in comments.

- put the link in our C-Box,

- write us a story in comments.

- any other suggestions??

We don't want our first of the month post to be rigid. No specific topics. The topic is up to each of us. Share what's burning in your heart at the moment. It may not be writing related at all! That's totally fine. There's no word limit, but let's try to keep it down.

The writing world changes constantly and is not without its challenges. 

For example, 

- have you discovered something about your writing/publishing journey that you'd like to share? Please tell us! 

- have you found a way around a problem that others may be facing?

- have you found a fabulous editor who gets you?

- or share an interesting factoid - have you been nominated for the Nobel Peace prize??? 

Don't forget to access the 'How-to' posts which will remain in the sidebar. I'm looking at Jemi's post on publishing wide, which is going to be a challenge for me.


Nila here, hi! First off a big fat thank you to everyone who submitted, we truly appreciate your creativity and your making the time to write for us. Thank you Jamie, Cara, Rebecca, Bernadette, Shilpa, Deniz, Pat, J Lenni, and Donna. 

However, not all winners/members were able to submit, due to a host of personal and family reasons. There are not enough submissions as of now,  much short of the 20 targetted. I'm truly sorry to have to tell you that the anthology is not happening at this moment in time. To those of you who submitted, please feel free to submit your flash elsewhere. We wish you all the very best with publication.


Nila’s roundup of events:

The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas had put up the 'JFK was here'
banners for the 60th anniversary of the assassination.  

Rather a lot has transpired for me personally since I last wrote for WEP.  I travelled to the USA, spent an extremely pleasant month catching up with family members and childhood friends, some of whom I'd last met 40+ years ago. Visited museums and national parks and river trails to my heart's content. Learnt a whole heap of things about American history, geography, culture and values...And I got to see their cities at their sparkling best for the festive season. That was the great part. 

Poster from the women's suffragette movement 
1915-1920. The NC History Museum, Raleigh.

However, 2024 so far has been the same old same old mixed bag - I lost an elder relative and then my routine visit to the eye doctor has wham!   fetched up the need for urgent corrective surgery - the first is scheduled for this Saturday. As you can imagine, not much writing is happening. 

Could have been a lot worse for mercies big and small. Hoping to be back here with supersharp, corrected vision and some more life lessons in patience learnt, in March! Till then, keep safe, fit and happy. And keep writing! 


Hi all! Denise here. My past month can only be described as:


Australia, especially where I live in sub-tropical Queensland, has been in the grip of a heatwave since before Christmas while Northern Queensland has experienced cyclones, one I got caught up in as I was traveling at the time.

To writing.

"I'll think about it tomorrow!"

I had such high hopes for January but, whatever, all good things come to those who wait, eh? 

I have two novels pretty much ready to go - one completely finished romance novel, Fijian Princess. It's been professionally edited, but I've found ways to make the Prologue more interesting. Just can't decide what to do with it. Think I may try traditional publishing?? Not sure. I never submit to publishing houses, but I did bite the bullet and submit to Storm Publishing. To encourage anyone who has ever felt the sting of rejection, take encouragement from me. I've decided to go ahead and work the traditional publishing trail for just this one novel.

I have my favorite novel up til now, Angelique's Paris Cookery School, which is still on the back burner, LOL. It proved popular when I offered the first six chapters on Book Funnel. I tweak it at times, but I'm just waiting for summer to be over. Extreme heat is not conducive to writing, even when locked in an air-conditioned office. It does something to your headspace.

So whenever I want to escape, I reach for my latest thriller, or stream an episode of The Bridge, a great scandi noir crime thriller. Hopefully watching/reading scandi noir will help me finish the last half of my very first thriller. 

Highly recommended if you need help plotting. The plots/twists are superb.

I take my hat off to those of you who have powered on and published books. Go Jemi! Anyone else?

Maybe by March 1, I'll have some great news!!!!

I've been reading posts from the team as they come in. It's great to hear everyone's news and have links to follow! Thanks all! 

I have blogged my post Thursday 1st...and it doubles as my IWSG post for next week...


Hi everyone! Jemi here😊

We're having a very strange winter here in Northern Ontario (Canada). We've had very little snow. My front snow bank is generally over 6 feet/2 metres tall at this point. Currently, it's about 1 foot/30cm. Climate change is real and scary!!

In writing news, the last book in my Small Town Heroes series came out a few weeks ago and I'm having so much fun writing a new small-town romance series called No Fail Heroes. The first book will be out in April. I'm having a blast digging into the edits based on notes from a FABULOUS editor (our very own Yolanda Renée). She really gets the story and the characters. I still have a big mess (of my own making) to fix up, but the story is going to shine so much brighter when I'm done!

Hope everyone is doing well and can't wait to read your updates!


Hey everyone! Renee here 👋

I received great news today: my story, Conundrum, has placed in the top ten with WOW-Women On Writing. I don't know my actual placement, but I'm still celebrating.

Conundrum is a flash that I re-wrote from a story called Be Careful What You Wish For, which was originally published with the Romantic Friday Writers Challenge in 2015. Thanks to Denise and Donna, it was a time when I learned with every submission.

So, every now and then, I pull out a story and re-work it for submission elsewhere; this time, it paid off. Other than that bit of excitement, I'm working on a new noir called Pink City, and I'm still working on finishing the edits for the 7th book in my Alaskan series, Murder on Mount Fairweather.

Tax preparation and editing are quite different, but still loads of fun. So I'm keeping crazily busy.

Thanks, Jemi, for letting me be part of your team. You know how much I love your books! Anyone interested in a Developmental Edit just follow the link!

Sending hugs and positive vibes to our writing community. Please let us know how you're all doing!


Hello everyone! Sonia here.

It is wonderful to share updates on this inaugural WEP Get Together. January was a very cold month for Delhi and the winter blues aren't over yet. I haven't had a very good start to the year on a personal front, but I am grateful for the kindness of those around me, and also for the online community here.

In writing news, I don't have much to show, except two blog posts. I'll Do Me is my first attempt at reading a poem, something that I wish to explore this year. I'd love for you to listen to it and leave your valuable feedback.

Understanding Life Through a Keloid Scar  is an introspection on loss and life. 

There are two things I am looking forward to in the first half of the year, even though I'm struggling to do some real writing - curating all the stories I've written for the WEP for a Kindle Version, and writing a short story for the Rama Mehta Grant, which is a scholarship and writing programme. I hope that I will have some solid updates on these when we meet next.

I am grateful to the WEP members for the community support. I wish you all a good writing year and look forward to the writing news at your end. 


Hello everyone! It's Laura here.

I know it's been a long time since anyone has heard from me. Between demanding hours at work and raising four children, it's a wonder I ever find time for anything. That also means that writing has unfortunately fallen by the wayside over the past year. Some of that is due to a lack of time, and some is due to lack of inspiration.  However, I want to change that.

Part of that involves me coming here and saying hi to all of you and promising that I will return to blogging. My posts won't be frequent, but doing this will hopefully help motivate me. I will also try writing some short stories over the next few months.  I even had a bit of inspiration the other day, so that seems like a great place to start.

I'd like to thank the wonderful WEP team and all of you who've participated over the years. This truly is a wonderful community.


Hi everyone! Olga here

I haven’t done anything interesting writing-wise in the past couple months, but I did play with imagery, to no one’s surprise. I was re-reading Michelle Diener’s sci-fi novels belonging to her Verdant String series. I enjoy Diener’s writing, but I don’t like her covers. So I decided I would make my own covers (strictly unofficially, for my own amusement) for the books I’ve finished this time around. There are 2 so far: Breakaway and Breakeven. Here are the existing covers, published by the author.

Here are the images I have created. I don’t want anyone to accuse me of anything, so I didn’t put the writer’s name on the covers, but I like my covers better all the same. :))

All original images come from The artists I used for my composite covers are:

  • ParallelVision
  • AlanFrijns
  • Jcoope12
  • Diversicat
  • MythicSon
  • BrinMacen
  • Majabel


  1. Hi all! It's so nice to meet you awesome people again! I am so sorry about the anthology idea not working out. But I am happy we are staying in touch through these monthly meets. I am sharing a link to a blog post I have written about nothing in particular. It's really just a writing exercise which I needed as my last few months have all been about art. Here's a link to my IG handle, if you would like to drop by sometime:
    And, here's the link to my blog post:
    Thank you for this lovely community, team WEP! Let's stay in touch. <3

    1. Thank you for showing up Shilpa. I'm glad you like the idea. I will come by following your links when I can.

    2. Your artwork is incredible, Shilpa!

    3. Having joined you on Insta and read your blogpost, I can only say you're one talented lady!

  2. Hello, WEPPERS, Congratulations to all with new releases, and Happy New Year to everyone. Let us make this the first of our best ever years. I posted my link in the C-Box.
    Take care.
    Shalom shalom

    1. Thanks for joining out GT Pat. I will check your post when I can.

  3. Hi everyone - I will catch up and comment ... but I've posted on my blog:
    Thanks and see you all soon - probably over the weekend ... life is as usually getting away from me ... looking forward to reading all your newses ... and thank you WEP adminners ... cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks for posting, Hilary. I will come by soon!

  4. Hello everyone! Denise, best wishes with going traditional. Rooting for you.
    Nila, thank you so much for all the pains you've taken for the anthology. So sad we couldn't put it together. I wish you all the best with your eye surgery.
    Jemi, you always inspire me with your perseverance.
    Renee, congratulations for the story. Sharing the link to your editorial services with my writer friends.
    Laura, so good to see you here.
    Olga, your designs and your creative output in forms other than writing is inspiring.
    Thank you everyone for the support. Always wonderful to be here.

    1. Thank you, Sonia. It's so appreciated! I love the process! This was such a wonderful idea, I'm loving it and all of you!

    2. Sonia, you've been a real brick (to coin a British phrase). Thanks for your support!

  5. Hello Sonia! How sweet you are to mention the team. Everyone's post was so interesting to me. I hope you're doing better after your loss. It's great that you're sharing Renee's services. I'm going to use her as soon as I finish self-editing my Paris cookery school story.

    Haven't forgotten your poetry post. Be there soon!

  6. Hi everyone from the amazing WEP team whose pieces I now have time to read, to all you contributors.
    Here's my meager offering despite mishaps:

    1. Thanks for showing up in exceptional circumstances Roland. Will enjoy your posts on Ukraine ongoing.

  7. I finally found a moment to check in. I'll get to all the links this weekend for sure, but it's so wonderful to see everyone again. It's a smile that won't go away for a long, long while! Love and hugs to all!

    1. Pat Garcia posted this Link to her post in the Chat Box. I copied it here so it wouldn't be overlooked.

  8. Hi all! Good to catch up with what people are doing. I had visions of making a special post for this, but have been more than a little busy, racing to get my new novel to beta-reader stage in the next 2 days, before I leave the country... so I'll just say hi, check out your offerings, and invite you to keep an eye on my blog over the next weeks and months to find out where I'm off to this time ;)

    1. Rebecca how about posting your blog link here?

  9. Also, I'm sorry the anthology won't be coming off. Many thanks for the hard work you put into it in any case--and it did force me to actually finish a story :D

    1. We are sorry the antho tanked too Rebecca. Hope you find a home for your story. Enjoy your next adventure.

  10. Hello everyone, Congrats to those who have published/are almost reaching the finishing line with their stories. Jan has been just as chaotic though I'm glad to have almost finished all the 2023 projects that I started. In terms of writing, I'm trying to post stories regularly (here's this week's post: I've also decided to start submitting to micro-fiction magazines :D

    1. Hello Bernadette. Thank you for turning up and keeping in touch. Was wonderful to read your post.

  11. I hope I've read everyone's posts and followed the links. I'll come back and check. Really enjoyed everyone's efforts. And thanks for using Olga's excellent header.

  12. Hey everyone! Kalpana has left her link:

    1. Kalpana is moderating comments so be patient.

  13. Here is a note from our best, most loyal, supporter, Sue (Elephant's Child). She struggles with MS. Her blog is not allowing comments, but perhaps if you feel for her, you could email her.

    Here is her post:

    I am tired and overwhelmed. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

    In the next few weeks I have a lot to do, including arranging some overdue medical appointments for me and for Batty and some long neglected paper work. Not to mention weeding.

    So I am taking a blog break and hope to be back at the end of this month or perhaps early in March.

    I will miss you.

    Take care.

    1. I look forward to Sue joining us later in the year and hope everything gets sorted at her end, soon.

    2. Hello Sue! We miss you and are wishing you well. Take care of you!

  14. @ Nila – I'm so pleased you had such a good time in the US of A before 2024 came around and you had that visit to the eye doctor … I hope all has gone well today. Excellent to know we'll be seeing you March … well healed, I sincerely hope.

    Isn't that Suffragette poster brilliant – and how true it is … women bring all humans into the world.

    @ Denise – the weather is certainly 'odd' all over the world – though I'm rather glad it's quietly British here on our south coast.

    Good luck with Fijian Princess and the foray into traditional publishing … While Angelique's Paris Cookery School could offer so much … looking forward to that one.

    In the meantime … I must keep an eye open for your Scandi-Noir tv series 'The Bridge' …

    @ Jemi – life seems to be dealing us some odd weather … and we need the cold to get rid of bugs … we've had a few cold (for us) days here … but mostly it's been ok.

    How lovely to read Renee has been helping you to edit your latest small-town romance … sounds enticing. Good luck with both new books …

    @ Renee – congratulations on 'Conundrum' being placed in the top ten with WOW – Women on Writing … no wonder you're celebrating …

    Fascinating to know that you can re-work earlier stories … good luck with those – Pink City sounds a great 'noir' story … then the 7th book in your Alaskan series …

    … also just having fun – the most imporant thing in life …

    @ Sonia – great to see your blog posts … while good luck with your short story for the Rama Mehta Grant – scholarship writing programme.

    @ Laura – good to see you again … four children … no wonder you're not doing much for yourself: yes I hope you can change that up … short stories are always good aren't they.

    @ Olga – we need to take on different challenges to give ourselves new creativity … good luck as you 'play' … and yes I love your creations …

    Thanks Denise for posting Sue's post on her withdrawl while she tries to recoup her health ... I do so feel for her.

    Cheers everyone ... I'm on way round ... Hilary

    PS - I've no idea what the C-box is ... or where I find it ... I'm very simple - you should all know by now!! Here's to excellent 2024s for us all - Hilary

    1. LOL, the C-box is the Chat box on the right side of this post. When folks can't leave a comment, most of the time they write their responses there. Above the "WHERE WE GET OUR IMAGES" in the sidebar. I hope that helps. That all aside, it's so nice to see you as always!

  15. Here's my post.

  16. I'm sorry I missed this. Life is crazy busy these days. What I'm up to? Getting better. I found someone who will update my website when I'm paid again. I'm planning to publish my elf story, Nilmalith's Journey to Amazon as a book, under Elfin Series. Since it needs to be edited, this will happen after I hire an editor, sometime in April. I'm working on the book two in the Elf Series, titled Nilmalith's voyage. Which will go to Kindle Vella first. I need a book cover for that, so I think April will be the release date. I'm writing episodes for my Sweet Romance, 5 Friends & Lovers, also on Kindle Vella. Later this year, I'll be releasing King Julian as a book on Amazon. They will not publish wide until they've run their course. But, perhaps the most exciting news I have is, my fantasy series, even though wide, is earning my money for the first time because people are reading it under Amazon's free chapter reads. I was so surprised when I learned that. They aren't leaving reviews, however, so that's a bummer. Happy writing all.

    1. Lovely to hear from you Nancy. And to hear that you're so happy with Kindle Vella and your writing generally. Go you! Can't wait to hear from you next month.

    2. So glad you're feeling better and that your writing is going gangbusters! Happy writing to you!

  17. Nila, I hope you got to visit Pennsylvania! Plenty of history and culture in my state, especially in Philadelphia.
    Hope things get better for you.

    Denise, hope the weather breaks. Yikes.

    Jemi, way to go on the books.

    Renee- that's awesome.

    Sonia, keep on writing! Hopefully life will be kinder.

    Laura, I hope your transition to writing more often is a smooth one.

    Olga, I'm drawn to the fluffy creature on your second book cover. The original covers look very StarWars-esque to me.

    I posted on my uniquelymaladjustedbutfun blog. I had a stroke. Not a "super bad" one I guess. My face is fine. But my right hand and leg are still learning how to function again. Difficult. Sad the anthology isn't happening. I really liked my story. Oh well. Who knows what the future holds?

    1. Hi Jamie. I'm glad your stroke wasn't hugely serious but still, take it easy. I hope you regain full use of your hand and leg.

      We're sad that we didn't get enough subs for the anthology. The stories were great. I'm sure you can shop yours to a mag. There is a list here in the sidebar.

      Thanks for turning up!


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