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#WEP April Challenge Winner Carrie Ann Golden writes: Don't Give Up!

 Hi everyone, Laura here!

Carrie Ann Golden won our April Challenge A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall with her stunning poem Tears in the Rain. Life is like tears in the rain.

Our judge Nick Wilford said,  "There was not much to separate the two poems in the shortlist (Carrie Ann and Kalpana) because both carried so much resonance and emotional heft. But the beat and the rhythm in Carrie Ann's poem certainly made a mark, reflecting the darkest of times and somehow offering a note of hope."

Today Carrie Ann shares with us the importance of persistence in the face of any obstacles!  


Don’t Give Up!

Ever feel like your writing isn’t good enough?

At some point, every writer will have felt this way.

Even the most successful authors have experienced these painful insecurities.

“I have written eleven books, but each time I think, ‘uh oh, they’re going to find out now. I’ve run a game on everybody, and they’re going to find me out.” – Maya Angelou

“Even after making the bestseller lists so many times, I feel like I'm a fraud and that this time everyone will find out.” - Sandra Brown (author of sixty-eight New York Times bestsellers)

“Writing fiction, especially a long work of fiction can be a difficult, lonely job; it’s like crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a bathtub. There’s plenty of opportunity for self-doubt.” – Stephen King

Writers are notorious for comparing themselves to other “more successful” writers.

I’ll never sell that many books.

I’ll never be a published author.

I’ll never be able to write like (insert your favorite author).

Guess what?

I have the same affliction!

Being a deaf-blind writer, I’ve faced numerous challenges – and there’ve been many days when I nearly gave up.


I believed I would never ever be good enough.

I mean, how can someone like me with limited vision and hearing ever write well?

When I was a girl, people struggled to relate to me (because of my disability) so I created imaginary friends –  our escapades usually got me into trouble; I even landed in an ER once!

I discovered writing by accident (through a sixth-grade classmate’s challenge on who could write the scariest story) – which became a much safer way of interacting with my “friends.”

College English Composition nearly cured me of my passion when the professor declared that I was incapable of writing anything meaningful.

Ten years passed before I tried again (through the encouragement of my husband and a co-worker who was also a writer). When I published my first short story, the editor exclaimed as to how readable the story was.

Over the years, I learned that I didn’t need all my senses to be a good writer.

I discovered my own style of writing that became a part of my writer’s voice; for example,  instead of relying heavily on descriptions, I focused on words that evoked emotions.

So, what one would deem as weakness we can turn into our greatest strength - and the only way to accomplish that is to never give up on the writer within.

“I seek strength, not to be greater than others, but to fight my greatest enemy, the doubts within myself” – P.C. Cast

Carrie Ann Golden is from the mystical Adirondack Mountains now living on a farmstead in the Red River Valley of North Dakota (USA). She writes dark fiction and poetry. A Deafblind, her work has been published in places such as GFT Press, Doll Hospital Journal, The Hungry Chimera, Asylum Ink, Piker Press, Edify Fiction, and others. You can find her on her writing blog as well as Medium and Twitter.


Thank you so much Carrie Ann for your heartfelt post, and congratulations once again for your winning poem!

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Our next challenge will be here before we know it! We hope many of you will consider joining us for our June Challenge: Please Read the Letter.

See you in June!

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  1. Congratulations Carrie Ann - and thank you for this thought provoking post.

  2. Congrats again, Carrie Ann. Love this post - you are a warrior!

  3. Congrats, Carrie Ann. Your excellent post proves the adage "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."

  4. Carrie Ann, I found your post endearing. How encouraging for all writers! Thank you!

  5. Very inspiring. Especially for me, right now. I'm struggling with doubts galore. Thank you.!

    1. Am happy to hear this! Hope everything is better today.

  6. Good for you that you didn't let the college professor put you off writing! Self doubts are a struggle every writer faces, some more often than others. Thank you for sharing your experience and congratulations once again for your winning entry!

  7. Roland Clarke commented on "Winners of the #WEP #AHardRainsGonnaFall Challenge for April 2022!"

    2 hours ago
    Belated congratulations to the three winners. I would have said that days ago, but I've been sick for some days... not easy when I'm disabled already. Anyway, thanks to for the Honorable Mention... I'm probably continuing the Ukraine stories as the situation there cannot be ignored, #StandWithUkraine

    1. For some unknown reason, blogger wouldn't let me moderate your comment, Roland, so I copied/pasted.

    2. And i, too, will most probably continue with Ukraine stories. As you say, these stories must be heard.


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