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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

#WEPFF August Challenge WINNER, Pat Hatt, tells us where he gets his inspiration!

Hi all!

It's a thrill to have Pat Hatt take over the blog today as August's winner.  I asked him to tell us about his story inspiration as this story was a different journey for our Rhyme King.

PASSIONATE NIGHTS – This flash grabbed us by the throat and didn't let go. A completely scary, deep, dark flash where horror came out to play. Certainly a REUNION with a difference.

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I’m being put to work again. You’d think I was getting paid or something. Two posts in a year. Hmm, the cat does 388 in a year. I think I can put out two for WEP. I should stop thinking, or whining, and get to it, huh?

I have done the whole advice thing. I gave so little with a lot. Wasn’t that impressive? No? I guess I will have to try harder. Maybe I’ll go with inspiration. Where does it come from? How does it form? How do you go with it? My, you sure are full of questions.

Inspiration is the key to anything creative. At least if you want to make it half-decent or beyond. If you are miserable doing something or flat out hate it, then you won’t be inspired and…what’s the point? Unless it is your job, which has a point, to live, then why put yourself through that?

Image result for images for inspiration Now that I have your head spinning with inspiration, let’s go further. Where does it come from? What makes a rhyming cat go all serial killer? The answer is easy. Beats the heck out of me. The voices in my head tell me what wants to be told and away I go. I suppose they like to stretch their skill as well.

That’s very helpful, huh? Now you will be able to find inspiration on a whim. Just listen to the voices in your head. The one telling you right now that this nut needs to be put on medication. Wait. Are there none up there? Score a win for me. But guess what? Some days there are. Many people stick a phone to their head. You have a voice in your ear. Listen and take it in, maybe a story shall spin. Maybe even a rhyme. It could happen any time.

And that is the long and short of it. It is happening most any time. You only need to look. How does that work? Easy peasy.

You could look at a tree and see a face. Bingo! Spirit of the Willow Tree.

You could look at a chair and see a butt crease in it. Bingo! The Day The Fat Guy Sat Across From Me.

You could rip off a hangnail. Bingo! My Blood is Blue. Germs That Seeped In and Gave Me Super Powers. How I Lost My Finger. The Four Fingered Man. The Fourth Finger. Where Does The Ring Go?

You could see a chimney. Bingo! What Lives Within. Built With Bricks of Lore.

Image result for images of voices in my head
 I could go on and on and on. The voices in my head may get mad at me for sharing all of their ideas though. I don’t want them yapping all night, so we’ll stop there. The Voice In The Night. Okay, now I’ll stop and get on with it.

Best of all, these bingos don’t cost money to do. You can just look around and get to thinking. Everything can have a story. The only way they come out half-arsed or as boring as actual bingo, sorry bingo lovers, is if you let them. With a little twist and turn, everything can take a twist and turn.

Does that make sense? If not, now you can have a story about how nuts this guy is. The nutty blogger who wrote an inspiration post that made no sense and ruined my life. You may want to work on that title though, as it is a bit wordy.

The wordy title that caused me to choke to death. A bit less wordy with that one.

Did you see though? It can get a bit morbid the more you go on. I can’t say my entry came like that. But it can and then away I go. Any genre and any subject comes my way and I tackle it when it wants to stay.

Tackle yours and see what happens. You might just find something new that inspires and you enjoy.

So now I am done with my WEP trespass and off I go with my inspiring, hopefully, little rhyming ass.

Enjoy life, forget the strife. 

Thank you, Pat, loved the post.
What about you, readers and writers, 
where do you get your inspiration?

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